The Holiday 2019 Issue of Green Child Magazine

In our Holiday 2019 issue, you’ll find everything you need to enjoy a season where all is calm and all is bright. This issue is packed with festive ideas to bring fun and meaning to your family this winter.

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There’s no shortage of activities to attend, crafts to make, gifts to buy, and goodies to bake this time of year. With this impending overwhelm in mind, our team decided that instead of a To-Do list, a Don’t-Do list felt more fitting this year. This list gives you permission to stop doing things like comparing your holidays to others, trying to do everything yourself, or going into debt to make the holidays special. 

Other standouts from this issue are Kris Bordessa’s ideas for turning baking into a fun learning experience for kids, Peggy O’Mara’s article on giving back, our annual eco holiday gift guide, and the adorable mini cranberry pies in our Conscious Kitchen section. And if you’re ready to lighten the load when it comes to the pressures we put on ourselves, be sure to read our interview with actor, mom of two, and nature enthusiast Autumn Reeser. You can’t help but smile at the gorgeous images of Autumn with her boys by photographer Paul Von Rieter.


As you read the Holiday 2019 issue, be sure to take a look at the products and services offered by our advertising partners. We only work with brands we trust and use ourselves. Plus they’re the reason we’re able to offer the magazine at no cost to you. 

Wiwiurka Wooden Climbing Toys – Parenting expert Magda Gerber encourages letting small children (and even babies) climb and explore. Of course, you should supervise your child in any challenging or dangerous situation. But with solidly-crafted wooden climbing toys from Wiwiurka, you can create a safe environment for your little one to navigate and learn new skills. We especially love this arch with an adjustable rock-climbing board / slide.

Pixie Pebbles – We love heirloom quality items for their longevity and their individuality. Based in Queens, NY, Pixie Pebbles makes hand knit garments, accessories, and lovies from all natural fibers. You’ll find their adorable cowl neck cape in our gift guide, but they also offer the most beautiful cardigans, pom pom hats, and pullovers.

Kosmatology –  Dr. Janis Covey, a mother and compounding pharmacist, created Kosmatology to provide safe solutions for her children’s sensitive skin. The whole line is made with organic and vegan ingredients. We’re particularly excited about the holiday spice hand soap (they offer eco-friendly refills) and their sugar body scrubs.

Green Kid Crafts – Green Kid Crafts encourages creativity, literacy, and learning through monthly STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) learning boxes that are designed to foster a generation of creative leaders. They are made in the USA, carbon neutral, and one tree is planted for each online order.

Earth Mama Organics – Green Child readers can get 25% off Earth Mama’s safe, non-toxic care products for little ones and pregnant, nursing, postpartum mamas with the code at this link.

Oak Meadow Homeschooling Resources – Choose between homeschool curriculum you use independently OR their distance learning program (great for parents of older homeschoolers because Algebra!)

Pique Tea Crystals – Their unique teas are composed of supercharged 100% organic tea crystals, which are Cold Brew Crystallized, meaning they deliver maximum antioxidant capacity – 6x the antioxidants of tea bags and 20x the antioxidants of bottled tea.

CBD Plus Oil – This organic hemp-derived oil is versatile and has many healing benefits – including pain relief, sleep aid, and inflammation reduction.

Berkey Water Filters – We use the Big Berkey in our homes to make sure our families aren’t consuming heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, and other toxins. 

Joovv Go – Science shows the benefits of red light for reducing inflammation, improving skin, joint help, regrowing hair, and reducing oxidative stress. The Joovv Go is a portable red light therapy model at a great price. It’s also small enough to fit in your purse. FDA-approved, battery-powered and rechargeable, it’s ideal for face, hair, neck, or any sore muscle or joint.

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Actor Autumn Reeser with her sons on cover of Green Child Magazine's 2019 Holiday Issue

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