Self Love Meditation Script for Kids

Instilling a healthy sense of self love in your child is one of the most important things you’ll do as a parent. There are many ways to encourage it. You can start by being an example of someone who doesn’t constantly judge and critique themselves. Another great option is practicing a self love meditation together.

Self Love Meditation for Kids

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Babies are born loving themselves. But along the way we all seem to pick up messages from our culture. Plenty of these messages convince us we aren’t good enough.

Even if your home is extremely cautious about these messages, they can still sneak in from outside sources like TV, movies, commercials, or other family members. If you have an extremely sensitive child, sometimes the smallest correction or good-natured joke can overwhelm their feelings.

Having a regular mindfulness routine can really help with the instances where your child doesn’t come talk with you about these feelings. A guided relaxation like this self love meditation can help release negative thoughts and remind your child of their own self confidence and worthiness.

Read this script slowly with a gentle voice. Pause when necessary and follow your child’s cues.

Self Love Meditation for Kids

Find a warm, cozy space and lie down. You can close your eyes and just enjoy the feeling of being wrapped up, warm and safe, in your nice, soft blanket. 

If you listen, you can hear a stillness in the room. Now is the time for resting our minds and bodies after a busy day. You don’t need to do anything right now other than relax and allow yourself to sink deeper and deeper into your comfy bed. 

Let’s take a deep breath in. Imagine you are breathing in feelings of peace and serenity.

The feelings of peace are entering your body, spreading through your arms, to your tummy, legs, and reaching all the way to your toes.

As you breathe in deeply, you let your whole body fill with peace and feel ready to rest and relax.

Now imagine for a moment, you are a tiny baby bird, nestled tightly and snugly in its nest. It is nighttime and all the other birdies are getting ready to sleep, too.

Your loving parent bird is with you, nestled right next to you and you can feel the warmth of their feathers as they brush against you. You are safe and cozy in your nest, with a full belly, and your eyelids are getting heavier and heavier as you begin to drift off into sleep.

You think about your great day of beginning to learn to fly and playing with your other bird friends. And you know that tomorrow you will spend another day doing things you love and things that make you happy.

Just like the baby bird, you also know what makes you happy and the things that bring you joy. Doing things we enjoy is a way to take care of ourselves and helps us be good to ourselves and others.

Remember you have so many good qualities. You are kind, loving, and generous.

Your heart is full of love for your family, friends, neighbors, and even the whole world.

When we really love ourselves, we become even more loving and caring towards those around us.

This is also called self love. It’s how you talk to yourself and also how you act during your day. 

Practicing self love can mean DOING something – like taking a few minutes to sit or play outside. It can be reading your favorite book or maybe even sitting outside enjoying your favorite flavor of ice cream.

Or self love can be the way you feel inside – like forgiving ourselves when we make a mistake. It can be the way you handle tough situations, knowing you are not perfect and you’re doing your very best. Self love means not being too hard on ourselves when we do something wrong.

After all, we are learning. We are all growing and learning every day. Even grown ups make mistakes and still need to love themselves. 

As you drift off to sleep like the little bird in its nest tonight, continue telling yourself, “I am kind. I deserve to be happy. I deserve good things in my life.”

Now, notice the heaviness of your body as it sinks into a calm and deep sleep. 

Wrapping Up + More Meditation Scripts

If your child is still awake after this self love meditation, you can talk about any feelings – positive or negative – that came up.

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