Best Swimming Ear Plugs for Kids

Swimming ear plugs are the most effective way to reduce kids’ chance of getting swimmer’s ear. Here’s what you need to know if you’re in the market for the best kids’ ear protection.

ear plugs for kids

Prevent Swimmer’s Ear

If your kids are prone to getting swimmer’s ear (an infection of the lining of the ear canal), you know just how painful and irritating it can be. While there are home remedies for swimmer’s ear, the best option is to prevent it in the first place. 

Despite its name, swimmer’s ear doesn’t only impact swimmers. It can occur anytime water is in contact with the ear, for instance when:

  • bathing
  • running through the sprinkler
  • surfing
  • washing their hair

Keeping your kids’ ears dry is essential so water doesn’t get inside the canal and cause an infection. It’s best to have your kiddo wear swimming ear plugs when their ears have any exposure to water.

Aside from shaking the water out of their ears as best as they can after contact with water, using swimming ear protection is the key to preventing a painful, itchy, irritated, and infected ear canal.

How to Use Swimming Ear Plugs

To protect your kids’ ears from getting water, using swimming ear plugs that fit correctly inside their ears is essential. An ear plug forms a seal in the inner ear canal to prevent water from getting trapped. 

Kids naturally have smaller ear canals, so finding swimmers’ ear plugs in their size is the best way to create a successful seal to block water. Ultimately, each child’s ear canal shape is different, so find the fit that works best for their ear. 

Some ear plugs are pre-shaped and can go in the ear as is. Some have ingredients that are silicone, wax, or putty, and they get warm and soft in your hand to mold into the ear canal’s shape. There are also custom-made swimming ear plugs for the best possible fit, although they tend to be more expensive.

In addition, it can be helpful to use kids’ swimming ear plugs with a swim cap or a swimming headband that covers their ears. Both of these accessories help keep the ears dry and assist in keeping ear plugs in.

There are other products to help dry ears and prevent infections, too. Mack’s ear dryer and ear drying aid could both be very helpful for kids who frequently get swimmer’s ear.

7 Best Swimming Ear Plugs for Kids


#1. Alpine pluggies for kids are ready-to-wear ear plugs that are easy to use. They come with a super handy case to keep them in. Aimed in size from 3 years to 12 years, these prevent water from entering the ear canal during swimming or other water activities. 

#2. Water dam swimming ear plugs come in a variety of sizes for kids. They range in size for infants from 3 to 12 months, all the way up to adult sizes. These are perfect for any bath time, splash pad, or baby swimming lessons. Great for toddlers and big kids.  

Moldable Materiels

#3. These natural beeswax ear plugs are made simply from beeswax, coconut butter, and cotton. They are moldable, so they can fit into any ear canal and fit each twist or turn for maximum coverage. These are wonderful for those with dry ears since the beeswax is moisturizing. 

#4. Mack’s silicone putty is a soft and moldable ear plug putty sized just for kids. Each plug is just the perfect amount for little ears. These children’s ear plugs are safe for use with ear tubes. These work best for kids six years old and younger. 

#5. TYR silicone ear plugs are moldable to fit each ear shape perfectly. Made just the perfect size for kids six and under, these form a light seal and accommodate every ear. 

#6. Putty Buddies are moldable silicone swimming earplugs for children, and the best part about this brand is that they float. If one comes loose and falls out during swimming, don’t worry! These are easy to find with their bright colors and ability to float.

Custom Made

#7. Big Ear custom ear plugs are a perfect fit every single time to keep the insides of your ears dry. These custom swimming ear plugs use an impression of your ear for a customized fit. Using soft medical-grade silicone for a comfortable feel, your kiddo will love these!

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