How to Use Bone Broth: The Best Recipes

Are you wondering how to use bone broth now that you’ve made a batch of this health-benefiting ingredient? While you can drink it on its own, there are tons of recipes with bone broth that make it super easy to fit into your daily diet.

bone broth recipes

Make it a Meal

Bone broth is a nutrient dense liquid broth full of healthy vitamins and minerals, served in a delicious and warming way. Consuming bone broth is an easy way for our bodies to absorb all of the healthy goodness stored in the bones of the animals. 

When we drink this nutritious broth, all of the collagen, amino acids, protein, calcium, and other nutrients, go directly to our digestive system to protect the joints, support the digestive system, and boost immunity. 

Homemade bone broth can be canned in a pressure canner to make it shelf stable and prolong its life. This makes it easy to use any time you need a nutrient boost.

The benefits of bone broth are numerous, and while it’s delicious on it’s own like a cup of tea, you might be wondering how to use it. There are plenty of ways to turn this healthful broth into a meal that the whole family will love!  

What if you don’t feel like having a bone broth tea party on the daily? What can you mix this super nutritious liquid with to make it a meal, or more palatable if you don’t love it plain? 

Friends, I have options for you! There are so many ways to use bone broth in your daily cooking routine, so you can reap the benefits in a simple and delicious way. 

Best Bone Broth Recipes

If you want to start benefiting from bone broth there are ways to incorporate it into your daily diet aside from drinking it straight. Most recipes that call for broth can be substituted with bone broth. However, since it has a richer flavor than regular stock, you may need to tweak the recipe by taste.

The best way to use bone broth is to make meals that call for it, ensuring you’re getting the most health benefits out of it and the best taste with it’s rich and warming flavors. 

Usually, bone broth is either chicken, beef, or if you’re vegetarian you can find recipes for vegetable mineral broth (sans animal bones) that has just as many health benefits. There are recipes that include these three variations, although turkey or lamb also work too.  

Bone Broth Soup Recipes

Soup tends to be what first comes to mind when considering how to use bone broth, and for good reason! A nutrient dense and mineral rich broth is a perfect way to warm up as well as soothe and heal your gut and digestive tract. It makes a perfect and health beneficial bowl of soup! 

The best Asian beef soup recipe is a delicious, easy, and quick to make nutritious meal. This soup is so comforting and full of warming aromas, too. 

Roasted garlic chicken soup with fresh herbs, scallions, and root vegetables is a super soothing and nourishing soup. The roasted garlic takes this soup to another level of tastiness and makes for a lovely flavor balance with the broth. 

Simple egg drop soup is a super quick and easy way to warm up with a savory chicken bone broth soup. This recipe is gluten-free, rich with nutrients and protein, and only takes about 5 minutes to make! 

Beef pho noodle soup is my absolute favorite every time I get Vietnamese food. The broth is savory with the flavor of fresh herbs and warms me to my soul. This recipe is a delicious homemade version. 

Postpartum recovery soups are a great way to nourish and restore a new mom recovering from birth. It can support her immune system, and give her a warm and nutrient dense meal.

Chicken Bone Broth Recipes

These chicken bone broth recipes have the variety you might well be looking for, especially for those looking to incorporate it in to a daily diet. 

Bone broth smoothies might sound unconventional, but are a perfect way to use frozen cubes of broth. The fruity flavor of the smoothies takes over and deliciously cools you off while supporting your body at the same time. 

Bone broth pasta is perfect for its child centered simplicity, and for picky eaters all around. If your kiddo loves plain pasta, simply up-level the nutrition and make their favorite meal a whole lot healthier. 

High protein oatmeal is a tasty way to get some extra protein in your favorite warm breakfast. I urge you to try this recipe, the gelatin perfectly and naturally thickens the oats, making for a satisfying breakfast that will last the long haul!

This ultimate savory oatmeal recipe will have you rethinking the sweet breakfast dish you’ve always known. Savory oatmeal is so tasty and satisfying, and is a delicious and nutrition filled way to start your morning with a nutrient rich meal. 

This simple egg scramble is a really great way to add in extra minerals and nutrients into an already health packed meal. Personally, I eat scrambled eggs for any meal including dinner when I need to quickly throw something together, and I love the added health benefits of this recipe!

Beef Bone Broth Recipes

Chicken bone broth recipes are popular and aplenty. I’m here to tell you though, you can’t beat the flavor of beef bone broth. It’s deeper, savory, with a tinge of balance cinnamon-y warmth. These recipes are chef’s kiss! 

Bone broth risotto is so rich and satisfying, it’s a perfect dish for a chilly evening. Topped with crispy shallots and mushrooms, this is true healthful comfort food. 

This beef stew recipe is a quick way to a hearty and nutritious meal using an instant pot. This stew is filling and perfect for a winter evening, or if you’re like me you’ll pre make it, freeze it, and warm it up over a campfire in the summer! 

Irish stew with lamb bone broth can be made in an instant pot or a slow cooker, and has all of the amazing flavors of lamb. Sip the leftovers for lunch, it’s a full meal anytime you need a warm and filling pick-me-up.

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