Creating an Organic Edible Patio Garden with Your Child

Edible GardenSimple potted gardens can be created in any home.  Whether you live in a house, apartment or high-rise condominium, you can almost always find a small sunny spot to grow a simple garden.

A potted garden is great for child, because they can pick up the pot and bring it to the kitchen to harvest the goodies and it gives them great pride and accomplishment to watch their garden grow.  The best part is spending an hour in the spring sunshine with your little ones making memories that last a lifetime.

What you will need:

  • Assortment of pots (we like to collect our from thrift shops)
  • Organic fruit and vegetable plant (minimally packaged)
  • Organic potting soil

Step 1: Pick the perfect location

First, decide where you will grow your garden goodies. Then, choose what size pots and plants your space can accommodate and that will grow well in your local climate. Remember, to choose plants that will still be comfortable in your pots when they are full grown.

Step 2: Add soil to the pots

Add organic potting soil to the bottom of each pot. This project is perfect for children who love to get their hands dirty.

Step 3: Prepare the plants

Carefully remove the plants. We look for plants from our local nursery that have minimal or compostable packaging. If the plants come in compostable packaging, we tear it up and add it to the bottom of the pot before putting the plant in. (We only remove the bottom, leaving the sides of the compostable pot intact.)

Step 4: Add the plant to the pot

Add a plant to each pot ensuring that you have added enough soil and compostables underneath.

Step 5: Top off with more soil

Finish adding the organic potting soil to the top of each pot and then water away.

Step 6: Watch your garden and child’s delight grow

Water your new plants in the early morning or evening. Make sure to move them routinely to prevent them from burning in the sun. Enjoy your fresh organic fruits and vegetables that you grew in your own organic garden.

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