DIY Fun with a Succulent Garden

Succulent Garden JungleEven if you don’t have a green thumb, you can’t go wrong with succulents. They’re low maintenance, and they come in quirky shapes and sizes. Kids are naturally drawn to their unexpected colors and textures.

Make a a trip to your local nursery and let the kids select their favorite succulents. Use gardening supplies you already have and grab a few small toys from the toy box to help your child create her own succulent garden.


  • succulent plants (organic if possible)
  • recycled container for potting (your local thrift store is a great source)
  • organic cactus potting soil
  • small toys (we used dinosaurs)
  • non-toxic paint
  • rocks
  • spray bottle


Get Planting
Start by adding a layer of rocks to the bottom of your container, keeping your layers as even as possible. Follow by adding the organic cactus potting soil on top of the rocks. Then, arrange and add the plants to the container, leaving enough space for the plants to spread out as they grow.

Paint and Add the Dinosaurs
Using eco-friendly craft paints, your child can add a little more color to the small toys. Sponge a little color on them to give them a little pop of color – leaving some of the original color underneath. Once dry, add to the terrarium.

Display and Enjoy the Terrarium
Place the finished terrarium in a sunny spot in your child’s room. He or she will enjoy rearranging the toys, showing it to friends and family, and sharing the thoughts that it evokes. That’s what creative gardening is really about.

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