The Fall 2019 Issue of Green Child Magazine

In our Fall 2019 issue, we’re gearing up for a smooth school year, answering some of your biggest parenting challenge questions, helping you master those complicated babywearing wraps, plus sharing great green gear and healthy recipes as always. 

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We often refer to this time of year as the “second new year”. A new school year, extracurricular activities, commitments, and the coming change in season can seem more significant to parents than the changing of the calendar year.

If you like the idea of starting fresh with new routines and habits, you’ll enjoy this issue. It’s all about preparing mindfully for the busy season ahead, yet taking time to savor it.

The holidays will be here before we know it. But instead of feeling like we’re in a race against time, we can plan for a freeform day as Peggy O’Mara describes on p. 24. We can make a difference in our children’s physical and emotional health – no matter their ages – by staying connected and showing affection as Paula Bordenkecher outlines on p.38.

You’ll also notice a new feature this month: Good Green News. When you believe that what you focus on expands, you start to get really careful what you let into your consciousness. Yes, we have to continue to take steps against climate change. And we can’t turn a blind eye to plastic pollution. But if we constantly look at these problems as insurmountable, we aren’t in the mindset to turn them around. When we see successes in sustainability and creative problem solving, our brains go to a more hopeful and productive place… and then we act accordingly.

As always this time of year, we’re sharing Back to School inspiration, cooking up some family-friendly meals, and celebrating International Babywearing Week.

So, carve out a little time to slow down, enjoy this issue, and savor (rather than stress) the second new year.


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Cover of the Fall 2019 issue of Green Child Magazine

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