Kids’ Guided Meditation for Difficult Emotions: The Storm Calms When We Let Go

Kids, just like adults, can experience real anger – no matter how small or silly the catalyst may seem to us. Try this grounding guided meditation script to help your little one break through difficult emotions and learn how to manage their anger.

We know how anger makes us feel, all hot and ready to snap. The difference is, we understand the importance of managing our emotions and staying calm. This script can help little ones understand that anger is normal. Feeling it is healthy. And not holding onto it is the key.

Meditation has many benefits for kids, and these scripts are wonderful tools to help them develop a lifelong appreciation for the power of mindfulness.

Kids' Guided Meditation script for calming anger

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Guided Meditation: The Storm Calms When We Let Go

Everybody gets angry sometimes. It’s OK to feel our feelings. It’s also important to know what to do when we feel anger, so let’s visualize how to handle it now. 

When you’re ready, gently close your eyes. Get comfortable and take in a nice, deep breath. Now, exhale slowly. Very good.

Take in a few more deep breaths now as you begin to imagine a beautiful field by a calm stream. The sky is bright and clear. You can hear birds singing all around you. They hop and fly among the big, beautiful trees all around the field. The stream soothes you as you listen to its water bubbling and flowing. 

As you look up into the sky and remember times you’ve been angry, you notice the sky begins to get dark. You might even hear thunder in the far distance as a storm appears to roll in.

Knowing you are perfectly safe, you calmly watch the storm closely and it reminds you how intense you might feel inside your body whenever you feel angry. 

Anytime we start to feel angry, we can close our eyes, breathe deeply, and remember that anger is an emotion we all feel, just like any other emotion. Emotions feel different in different areas of our bodies. 

Once we have noticed the anger and we begin to pay attention to what it’s trying to tell us, we can just let it go… like a leaf flowing down a stream.

Our anger is calmed when we recognize what it is and understand why we feel it.

We remember that emotions are made to be felt, but also to be released and not held onto. So, imagine the anger leaving your body just as swiftly as it came. 

The anger is calmed when we let go. And now you notice how the storm calms, too. There’s a beautiful opening now in the sky and the sunshine warms you. The sky is clear and calm once again. 

This reminds you that anger passes. Anger is just a feeling, and feelings pass.

Take in another deep breath, and let that breath go all the way down to your belly. Now imagine dipping your toes into the fresh stream. The water washes over your feet and feels so calm and wonderful. The cool water washes away any stress, any worries, and any anger you feel inside. 

You can come back to this place in your mind anytime you feel angry or if you just want to feel peaceful. Imagine the beautiful blue sky, the birds singing, the gentle stream, and the grassy field that smells of the wonderful, rich earth. 

You’ve done an amazing job today. When you’re ready, give your body a big stretch and bring your attention back to this room.

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