Guided Meditation Script for Happiness

When you read a guided meditation for happiness aloud to your child, you can help him get in touch with feelings of contentment and joy. Understanding feelings and emotions is a big milestone for children—not to mention adults. This happiness meditation script can help both you and your child connect and share mutual joy.

These peaceful guided meditation scripts are written especially for Green Child readers by Mellisa Dormoy of ShambalaKids. Her meditation audios help kids and teens relieve anxiety, build self-esteem, and develop a positive attitude at home and at school.

Guided meditation script - happiness factory


Close your eyes and let your mind imagine this peaceful adventure.

Imagine floating to a special, calm place… a place where you love to be. Floating and gliding, as you let your body and mind just rest and become very, very peaceful.

Now imagine entering a lovely garden full of sweet-smelling roses and lilies. Their wonderful scent mesmerizes you.

You walk past the flowers, touching them lightly to feel their soft, fragrant petals.

Suddenly you see a delightful-looking building in the distance. You decide to check it out and walk toward it.

There seems to be no one near or inside the building. You touch the doorknob and the door opens just for you.

As you walk inside, you notice you have reached what looks like a factory.

What does this factory manufacture?

You come to a place where all sorts of controls are located, and guess what the main sign on the wall says?

“Happiness Production Factory”

Is it really possible to create happiness?

You look around and find a main switch. You decide to flip it ON. You hear a clutter of machines rolling into action.

This is really amazing!

You can view the whole machinery and assembly line through a large glass window. A large jar starts its journey on a belt. A machine drops down to add something.

You try to peek inside and see it is adding Generosity to the jar! Another machine drops down to add Sharing. And yet another adds Love, and then Goodness. All of these qualities are then mixed together with a giant whisk.

Now the jar is shifted to another belt. It moves to a compartment where it is steamed with Kindness. When it comes out of the compartment, it is cooled down with lots of Smiles. Patience and Helpfulness are sprinkled on top.

You see that happiness CAN be created. Not by things outside of us or stuff we buy in a store.

Rather, happiness is created when we do and say nice things, when we are helpful and generous. Happiness is created when we share with others and love each other.

This has been such a beautiful sight to see today! Now you know the secret to manufacturing happiness! You keep this knowledge in your heart and you also share it every chance you get. Sharing what you have learned also makes happiness grow. 

Now you rest easily as you walk back outside and sit down in a nice, comfy chair in the garden. There is a lot of happiness all around here, and inside of you, too.

Anytime you feel a little sad you can remember to just open your own jar of happiness. You’ll start to feel all the warm and good feelings that are just waiting for you to share!

Open your eyes now when you are ready. Take in a nice deep breath and stretch your body. 

Did you and your child enjoy this happiness meditation? Check out more free guided mediation scripts to help your child navigate more emotions and feelings like stress and anger too.

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  1. Elizabeth A Hancock says:

    I think this guided meditation for children is just lovely. What a great and fun idea, ‘The Happiness Production Company’. I love it! Thanks for sharing. 🙂