Guided Meditation: Help Kids Deal with Bullies

This guided meditation script can help kids deal with bullies and unpleasant experiences.

If your child has been bullied, you know it’s one of the toughest parts of parenting. We want our kids to be able to stand up for themselves. We want them to know we support them, and we hope that they can feel safe in the knowledge that teachers and other parents do the same.

Sometimes it’s a test of our ability to control our own anger. When someone is deliberately mean or belittling to our child, it’s not always easy to keep our cool. We can’t referee like we do among siblings. This is where mindfulness can help you stay rational and your child know that there are ways to reframe bad situations.

Keeping the lines of communication open is one of the main ways to swiftly handle a bullying situation. You can also help your child regain some power and confidence with this guided meditation designed to help kids who are being bullied or put down at school.

Guided Meditation to Help Kids Deal with Bullies
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Guided Meditation to Help Kids Deal with Bullies

Read this script to yourself to find the right pacing before reading it aloud to your child. Make sure your child is comfortable, and then read it in a calm voice, pausing to let the words and feelings sink in. Give them as long as they need to process. And be ready to discuss any big feelings or fears that come up.

When you’re ready, close your eyes and take in a nice deep breath.

Imagine yourself walking through a beautiful forest. You can hear the bubbling sounds of a stream somewhere in the distance. You feel happy and totally comfortable just walking along and enjoying the beautiful weather. The sun shines on your face and warms you thoroughly.

You see a small bridge ahead. This is where you can cross the stream you’ve been hearing in the distance. As you make your way toward the bridge, some thoughts come to mind. These might be thoughts of some unkind things people have said to you.

You probably try not to think of these things normally, but today we are going to do something to help let them go.

If anyone has ever said something to you to make you feel sad, we are going to let all of that go. We’ve come here on this beautiful forest walk today to leave these things behind, so we no longer carry them in our hearts or in our minds.

Many times people say unkind things because on the inside, they are hurting. You can understand this because maybe when you’ve been upset, you may have said something that wasn’t very nice.

Unkind words usually have nothing to do with you. They’re more about the person who said them, so there’s no reason for you to feel embarrassed or hurt by them.

In this warm, welcoming place, we’re going to let go of those negative or hurtful things.

So, imagine now that each negative thing is a rock inside your pocket. Maybe some rocks are heavier because they were very unkind things. And maybe some rocks are lighter because they were small things that still hurt your feelings.

Now, as you come to the middle of the bridge, take out any rock. Look closely at the rock you chose. This rock represents some unkind thing that was said to you. You decide it’s time to let it go to free up that space in your heart and mind.

Just let the rock drop deeply into the stream to never see it again. The stream is so deep it swallows it up. The stream is happy to take away anything that hurt you. Suddenly, your heart feels lighter.

One by one, you thoughtfully decide to throw the rest of the rocks into the stream. I’ll stay quiet, and you can let me know when you’re finished.

(pause until your child signals)

It feels so good to let hurtful things go, to finally release them and be light and free in your heart.

Something quietly tells you that today is a brand new day – a happy day! I am so proud of you today for letting all of that go.

When you’re ready simply give your body a nice stretch. Open your eyes and see how much lighter you feel.

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