Guided Relaxation: Cozy Castle Mindfulness Meditation

Children love the use of the vivid guided relaxation imagery for fun and stress relief. This guided mindfulness meditation takes your child on a sweet journey to a cozy castle.

Simply read the following guided mindfulness meditation is a calm relaxed voice to your child before bed or nap time – or any time you feel like your child needs a mindfulness break.

These peaceful guided relaxation scripts are written by Mellisa Dormoy of ShambalaKids especially for Green Child Magazine. Her meditation audios have helped thousands of children and teens relieve stress and anxiety, improve self-esteem, feel great (mind, body, and spirit) and develop mindfulness.

Cozy Castle Guided Relaxation Script

Guided Mindfulness Meditation for Kids

Tonight let’s go to a magical place with our imagination.

Just close your eyes and allow your body to begin to relax. We’re going to a cozy castle high in the clouds. This is a special, magical castle… where dreams come true…. where we can relax and just enjoy peaceful, cozy moments.

Imagine now floating comfortably on a soft white cloud.

It feels so good just to rest and relax here. When you’re ready, imagine that the cloud brings you to the entrance of a beautiful castle.

This is the Castle in the Clouds.

Step inside. The only sound is the soothing crackling sound of fire in the fire places. It warms the castle and you feel so comfortable and good here.

There is a feeling of happiness and goodness in this place. The whole castle is filled with the relaxing smell of lavender and it calms you even more. You feel lucky to be here and experience the warmth and peace in this place.

Now, walk down the halls of this special castle.

Notice one door that seems to invite you inside. A feeling of welcome washes over you.

Peek into the room and see your own name above a very soft pillowy bed. The bed must be magical because as soon you sit down on it… it welcomes you to fall back into it and just relax all your worries away.

You cannot think of anything else right now except how wonderful and peaceful it feels here… how good you feel inside. You know this is your special place and you can come here whenever you want, just by thinking about it.

You feel all the stress and worry leave your body immediately… Calm, tranquil feelings wash over you. This is your place of peace. You know that no matter what is happening around you, you are welcome here to relax and feel peace.

Look up now and notice a beautiful brilliant star visible in the heavens, then another, then another. You realize you are lying on a soft bed now under the open sky. Soon the velvety black sky is completely lit with shining stars like diamonds. The view is so beautiful and serene that you can’t take your eyes off the stars.

You might feel an urge to stretch your hand and touch the sky. Give it a try – who knows what can happen in a magical castle.

As you stretch out your hand, to your amazement you can actually touch the stars. Choose a star and simply pluck it out of the sky – it’s okay.

Now you see some writing on the star as you look closer. It has your name on it. It mentions a time when you were a little nervous about something, or felt stressed by a situation, but instead you choose to face your fear and handled the situation bravely.

The star you hold in your hand was created to honor your achievement.

A warm rush of happiness and pride overwhelms you. All these stars are your achievements! You study the whole sky carefully. So many stars, so many achievements! You promise yourself that you will continue to work hard to get these stars of glory in the sky of your heart.

Feeling immense feelings of peace, calm and happiness filling up your heart and soul, you peacefully carry on with your sleep tonight.


Find a free printable PDF of this guided relaxation script here: Cozy Castle Meditation or you’ll find dozens more Guided Meditation scripts here.

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