Guided Relaxation Script: Calming Lakeside Meditation

In this guided relaxation meditation script, you will help your child release worry, sadness, and stress.

A meditation session with your child is a great way to bring them into the present moment. It also teaches them mindfulness, which offers benefits beyond stress relief for kids. Increasing focus and attention span, dealing with difficult emotions, improving self esteem, and getting more sleep each night – just to name a few!

Create a peaceful atmosphere with dim lights and a blanket. You can read this guided meditation script in any comfortable place in your home or your child’s bedroom. Add soothing music in the background or diffuse lavender essential oil to create a calming atmosphere. Take in a slow, deep breath and begin reading this guided imagery script in a relaxing, soft voice. Take your time reading and follow your child’s cues.

These peaceful guided meditations for kids are written by Mellisa Dormoy of ShambalaKids. They are for your personal use only and may not be reproduced or recorded.

Lakeside Meditation - Free Guided Relaxation Script

Take in a deep breath and gently close your eyes. Easily imagine these scenes while you continue to breathe in and out slowly and calmly.

Feel your whole body rest and relax with each big breath you take. Notice your belly rise and fall. Release your breath fully as you sink into the most comfortable position.

If your mind wanders any time, that’s fine. Just remember your deep breathing and feel the present moment again.

See yourself relaxing by a beautiful, calm lake. A gentle breeze softly blows, and you watch the thousands of tiny ripples it creates on the surface of the lake.

Your surroundings here are so calm and pleasant that it brings a feeling of complete peace. This calm feeling washes over your entire body and mind. You breathe in deeply and allow the peacefulness to fill you.

You notice the birds singing in the trees…. softly chirping their cheery contentment.

Take the time now to release any worries – any disturbing thoughts, any sadness you may be feeling.

Let those feelings float up, out, and away… floating far away. Whatever has happened today that has bothered you, it is time to let that go.

Know that you are really in control of your mind and your body. You can choose to allow these bothersome emotions to leave. In doing so, you will free up space in your heart and mind for positive things to come.

Life is all about creating what you want and choosing thoughts that make you feel good. When you focus on the positive, you get more positive experiences in your life.

Releasing any negative thoughts serves like an umbrella on a rainy day. Sure, the rain is there, but it doesn’t have to affect you.

You are safe. Know that you have all the tools you need within, just choose to use them. You can see your life from a happy perspective.

Worry, disturbing thoughts, or sadness are real. And it’s good to feel them and not push them down. It’s also freeing to know that you can simply set them free and let them ripple away across the surface of the lake.

You can release all the things that have been stressful to you and make peace with yourself.

Make peace now with the amazing person that you truly are inside. As you look out over this serene lake, nurture yourself with your loving thoughts.

Release any negative images or ideas about yourself. You have a choice in what you believe. Your mind is your greatest asset and your best tool.

Now take in a deep breath, allow good feelings to fill up your heart and your mind. Peace and calm are still all around you.

Give yourself time to stretch fully. Start with your toes and work your way up through your lower legs, into your lower back, up through your shoulder blades, your neck, and then even through the top of your head.

When you’re ready, open your eyes. Or you can drift off into peaceful dreams.

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