The Best Natural Subscription Boxes for Women

Natural product convenience and selection are hitting new heights through subscription boxes. Here are our picks for the best natural subscription boxes for women. Sifting through the hundreds of options out there is quite the task, but we’ve narrowed it down to our favorite monthly and quarterly subscriptions.

Finding monthly boxes for women that meet ethical, green standards and live up to your high hopes can be hard. And unfortunately, there are some brands that turned out to be not so ethical. We update this article yearly to make sure you get a true list of the best monthly subscription boxes for women.

The Best Natural Subscription Boxes for Women

Here are the ones we’ve used and researched this year…

Earthlove Subscription Box

What’s in the Earthlove box?

Earthlove’s gorgeous seasonally-themed box is filled with 6-8 full-sized eco-conscious items. Another thing we love – this natural subscription box always comes with a zero-waste swap for your home and a book!

You’ll also find products spanning categories such as tea, home decor, healthy snacks, jewelry, apothecary, apparel, accessories, and gardening. We also enjoy their lovely themed guides that share ideas and reminders to get closer to nature.

One glance through this box or Earthlove’s website and you truly understand their reverence for Mother Nature. They source products that are ethically and environmentally responsible, including zero-waste packaging (or almost entirely zero-waste packaging), natural ingredients, organic and non-GMO, gluten-free, cruelty-free, beegan/vegan, and fair-trade. Earthlove also supports artisans, makers, and small businesses in the US & Canada.

Merkaela Wellness Subscription Box

merkaekla subscription box for women

Would you love a seasonal subscription box for women minus the monthly shipment and commitments? Merkaela is what you’ve been looking for. Each season serves as the inspiration for the box’s theme, as well as the ingredients that will be used. All of the products are handcrafted by Merkaela’s team, using materials that are as ethical and sustainable as possible.

What’s in the Merkaela Box?

Each box includes an array of health and wellness products like bath salts, tea, body butter, soap, essential oil blends, exfoliators, incense, and crystal jewelry. And these aren’t your ordinary soap or body butters.

Merkaela’s mission is to cater to body plus the mind and soul. Products are designed with a special purpose in mind, and so they’re infused with specially selected essential oils, herbs, seasonal garden produce, and therapeutic ingredients known to nourish the skin and the soul.

Our special code ALIVE15 will save you 15 percent off of Merkaela’s quarterly subscription box and ALIVE20 will take 20 percent off of the year subscription.

Merkaela Subscription Box Review

Merkaela Subscription Box Review

We are suckers for natural products, but top-notch handcrafted products based on the season? That’s ambrosia for any green woman’s soul. Merkaela’s delightful allure goes even higher with a spiritual undertone.

Boxes include crystals for use in meditation or to promote high vibes. They also come with inspiration and soulful contemplation in the forms of empowering affirmation cards and a message card that shares profound thoughts and ideas to light up your heart and soul.


therabox subscription box

TheraBox founder Ting Ting Jiang knows all about happiness and self-care. As a therapist, she saw patient after patient in desperate need of their own love and attention, and saw study after study on depression and unhappiness. As a working woman and overachiever, she knew how vital it was to make happiness a part of daily life. So, she compiled research on positive psychology and neuroscience, and sought out quality products that could be used for a regular happiness regimen — aka the TheraBox.

What’s in the TheraBox?

Each box includes four to six health and wellness products that meet quality standards, with many coming from TheraBox’s own Happy Shoppe. I got their silky sugar scrub, a plant-based candle scented naturally with essential oils, all-natural lip balms (stick and tub), and 3W Clinic sunblock. Boxes also include happiness-boosting activities and keepsakes. For the June box, that included a “Stay Humble, Work Hard, Be Kind” plaque, an adorably smiley flower, and a calendar full of activities to do each day to promote positivity and happiness.

TheraBox Subscription Box Review

The goal of TheraBox is to promote happiness, and my verdict is that it does exactly that. All of the products had a place in daily or regular self-care, whether that was using the amazing sugar scrub for beautiful feel-good skin, or lighting the aromatic candle for meditation or a soothing bath. Even better, they all score well with EWG’s Skin Deep database.

The activities Ting Ting packs into TheraBox also score big points. They’re put together thoughtfully and deliberately, drawing off of information from research and studies. TheraBox also scores community points. Ting Ting has an exclusive Facebook group for TheraBox subscribers to talk about the happiness activities and to share results. So, you don’t just get a subscription box, you get a whole new community of like-minded ladies. The happiness only gets laid down even thicker thanks to Ting Ting’s regular giveaways. If you want to be happier and feel better, then TheraBox is practically scientifically guaranteed to help with that. It’s so worth trying.

Crystal 365 Subscription from Energy Muse

Energy Muse is the best source we’ve found for ethically mined crystals and a ton of useful information on how to use them. They even have a gorgeous book that explains everything from what different crystals are used for to grounding yourself with the energy of the earth.

They carry SO many options of crystals and gorgeous high vibe jewelry. Their new subscription box is the perfect way to fill your crystal collecting habit.

Invest in your healing, emotional balance & spiritual strength with this one-of-a-kind collection of ethically mined, hand-collected crystals from all around the United States. You can get $15 off your first box with code 15OFF.

Tamed Wild Apothecary

subscription box for women

If you’ve got an itch for natural remedies, traditional medicine, and metaphysics, then Tamed Wild Apothecary’s Wild Medicine Box is the cure. Owner Shelby Bundy began Tamed Wild Apothecary as a way to share powerful old world herbal remedies that she used with her own family. After producing high quality herbal medicine inspired by ancient wisdom and metaphysics, the Wild Medicine Box came to be.

What’s in the Wild Medicine Box?

Tamed Wild Apothecary offers both a Wild Medicine Box and Mini Wild Medicine Box. I received the full-sized $35 Wild Medicine Box. Each of these amazing boxes features five to seven items from their Apothecary including herbal remedies, teas, salves, infused oils, incense, and “Old World” goods like their amazing leather journals.

My Wild Medicine Box also included their Crystal Kit Upgrade, which gets subscribers two to four crystals or gemstones for another $20. My Wild Medicine Box featured an abalone shell, tea light, an herb oracle card, and a moon cycle calendar.

It also included the Apothecary’s handmade new moon temple oil, full moon charcoal soap, and new moon herbal tea. It also included a new moon tincture herbal blend that subscribers could turn into their very own moon-inspired elixir (instructions, dripper, and tincture bottle included). To top it off, it came with three crystals: desert rose, celestite, and a quartz sphere.

Wild Medicine Box Subscription Review

The Wild Medicine Box is a metaphysical mama’s dream come true! The box was full of information put together as gemstone cards, an herb oracle card, and their box information card. They were all packed with information on old world wisdom, healing properties, and how their products can be used in healing or spiritual practice. It felt like meeting with an indigenous grandmother who was sharing her ancient traditional secrets.

I also loved how Tamed Wild included a DIY elixir kit in their box so that I had everything I needed to make my very own herbal/spiritual medicine. The information alone was intoxicating, and the quality of the products made it even more intense. From the beautiful bottles the herbs come in, to the herbal products themselves — they were beautifully and wonderfully made.

Go Native Box by Mamalani

The Go Native box comes from Hawaii. Everything is produced by Native Hawaiians who specialize in their craft. Go Native is owned by Mela Kalama-Kingma — mother of three and a rockstar woman with a degree in Nutrition and a Master’s in Native Hawaiian and Indigenous Health. According to Mele, “Go Native” means to live a simple and grounded life that involves connections with people as well as relationships with the plants, animals, waters, and skies which make our world.

What’s in the Go Native Box?

Each Go Native box has a different theme, with monthly inspirations like Hawaiian sea salt, Summer Essentials, and Hawaiian moon phases. Whatever the theme, you get three to six Hawaiian-crafted products like essential oil blends, tea, hydrosols, soap, natural beauty products, traditional Hawaiian herbal remedies, or even hunks of Hawaiian-grown turmeric. Boxes also include little tastes of Hawaiian culture — like with July’s moon phase journal Hilo ‘Ia A Pa’a (that’s Hawaiian for “Braiding A Tight Cord Of Knowledge”). The price tag for this Hawaiian beauty is $34.95 + $3 for shipping.

Go Native Subscription Box Review

Mele says she created the Go Native box with a mission to create and support Aloha (love for others) as well as Aloha Aina (love for the land). This energy and intention is so strong, I swear I could feel it just in opening the package. It got even stronger after opening because of products like the Pule essential oil blend. The Pule blend was created specifically for aiding meditation or prayer (Pule is Hawaiian for prayer) and the bottle includes simple instructions for how you can use it. And the moon phase journal … The cultural and traditional history included in that book made it feel like I was holding a holy book in my hands.

It exposed me to new ideas and provoked me to think about things in a way I have never considered before. That’s what’s so great about the Go Native box. Whether it’s a journal, a wound sealer, or an infused oil — you’re experiencing the traditions, plants, and ideas of a beautiful and unknown culture. You get to discover Hawaii’s famed plants, practices, and wisdom, and try these things out in your own life. It’s an experience that expands your mind, and there’s a good chance that it’ll expand your heart, too.

With both convenience and all natural products combined, these natural subscription boxes offer the perfect touch to any home. If you’ve tried any of these monthly boxes for women, please share your experiences with us!

Editor’s note: We used to recommend Alltrue Subscription Box here. The company closed without a word to customers or vendors (source). Some of our team members have subscriptions where none or only one of four boxes were fulfilled. We filed chargebacks with our bank cards and after 6 months, finally received refunds. Please comment below if you are still in need of a refund from Alltrue.

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