Kids’ Summer Guided Meditation Script: Flow Like a Jellyfish

In a perfect world, summer brings lazy, super chill days that go with the flow. Maybe reality doesn’t always reflect this. But thankfully, this summer guided meditation script for kids can help everyone slow down and relax into that laidback lifestyle.

Whether your summer includes a big family vacation or fun nights around the campfire, when you plan your summer, be sure to include plenty of downtime. 

Kids need spaciousness and simplicity in order to grow and develop properly. Especially in the summer, don’t get caught up with too many toys, too many activities, or too much screen time. These are the days when if you let them get bored, children will use their imaginations to the fullest and creativity abounds.

One way to encourage your child to enjoy downtime and activate their imagination is to lead them in a guided meditation. By doing so, you invite your child to create new connections in their brain that favor mindfulness and their imagination.

To get started, help your child find a comfortable spot in their bed, on the couch, or in any cozy spot. Then simply read this summer guided meditation script in a calm voice at an even pace. Pause when it feels appropriate. And watch your child’s cues to make sure they stay in a relaxed state.

Flow Like a Jellyfish Summer Guided Meditation

summer guided meditation script

This guided breath meditation is copyrighted by ShambalaKids and may only be used for in-person or live virtual reading. It may not be recorded for audio/video.

Welcome to our underwater meditation adventure. Today we journey into an oceanic world of sea creatures and oneness. First, let’s sit back or lie down and allow your mind and body to relax deeply.

Let’s begin by taking a few moments and focus on our breath. Breathing in and breathing out slowly and with focus and attention, you will begin to feel the calm that radiates into each cell.  

Allow all of your muscles to relax deeply. So deeply you feel at one with the calm waves of the ocean. 

Continue to breathe in deeply and fully and breathe out the same way. Breathe in peace and calm, and breathe out any tension or distractions and just let them go. 

From the top of your head down to the soles of your feet, let your body sink deeper and deeper into relaxation and rest. You are perfectly safe. And the more relaxed you allow yourself to be, the better the imagination experience.   

Envision yourself as a beautiful translucent jellyfish now, floating in the wide, blue ocean. Every time you breathe out, you are gently propelled in any direction you wish to go.

The umbrella-like top of the jellyfish is called the bell. You take in a deep breath to begin as if you’re gathering strength, and then you blow out slowly and strongly. Use the muscle in your bell to send yourself up toward the warmth of the sun. 

Your body has form to it, and you can see through your body. You have long dangling tentacles. Your bell or covering is smooth and slippery.

You are a kind, happy, and loving jellyfish. You aren’t harmful to anyone.

Jellyfish are unique. Some are seven feet long. Some are upside down. Some are called Moon Jellies. Some are called Box Jellies. There are many kinds of jellyfish. Just as there are humans who look different from one another, so do jellyfish. 

Now take a moment as a jellyfish and just imagine yourself floating with the ocean current. You are safe. You are strong. You are at peace. You don’t have any place to be or anything to do. So you’re happy and peaceful to just go with the flow. 

You don’t even have to seek out food. You simply eat whatever gets trapped in your tentacles, just like jellyfish do. You can float down toward the sand or to your favorite place in the sea.

It feels so good just to relax and to float along without a care in the world. There’s no need to worry about anything. You know all is well. Visualize yourself now dancing freely and joyfully as a jellyfish. 

No one is watching and you can move your whole body back and forth and in any way you choose. Your whole body is free to sway and move. Your mind is at rest and calm.

You are enjoying this beautiful moment of being a part of something so wonderful and magical. The ocean itself seems to be living and breathing, and you are one with it all.

Feel the connection to this magical place where so many things work together in unknown ways that are hidden to most. But you see, and you feel that harmony and flow.

You can stay here as a gentle jellyfish for as long as you like. Or you can remember this relaxing meditation and visit this ocean in your mind any time.

When you’re ready, take in a deep breath. Bring your attention back to the room but keep the beautiful feeling of oneness and harmony and use it throughout your day. 

Open your eyes when you’re ready. Stretch your body and feel how relaxed you are.

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