Oscha Baby Slings: Ethical & Sustainable Babywearing

If you’re a babywearing mama, you have probably heard of Oscha Baby Slings. These baby sling carriers are made with gorgeous, heirloom quality fabrics. And not only are they beautiful, but these one-of-a-kind designs are also ethically and sustainably made.


This brand runs a completely carbon neutral business. Their Scottish workshop runs on 100% solar power. Oscha likes to say that this means your baby sling carrier has a little sunshine stitched into the seams.

Oscha Slings stopped 1700kg of carbon from entering the atmosphere, just by using solar panels as their energy source.


Oscha’s zero-waste process starts at the mill. Extra lengths of yarn are often added onto the looms. And any scrap fabric is bagged into parcels and sold on their website. Creative customers use these spare pieces to craft everything from teddies to quilts. Take a look at some of the creations by visiting the Clan Oscha Facebook community.

Oscha also doesn’t let good fabric go to waste by selling flawed items at a lesser price. “When we are sewing your slings we sometimes notice tiny flaws in the fabric. In some businesses this fabric would be thrown away, however, we stitch it up and sell our Woven Seconds at a discount. This is great for you as a customer, and also means nothing is wasted.”

Seasalt Berry Crush babywearing wrap from Oscha Slings

And these baby slings are designed to last. So, they can be passed on to other new parents or sold as secondhand items. You could also reuse them as stylish scarves.


Oscha Baby Slings only uses responsibly sourced and organic yarns. Organic crops can contribute to better and healthier working conditions for farmers. And can produce stronger yarns which are gentle on delicate skin.

Studies have also shown that organic farming uses less water and is more sustainable than using harsh chemicals to increase yields. This is why Oscha Baby Slings only uses responsibly sourced and organic yarns.

“Responsible yarn sourcing means that we hold all of our yarns suppliers to our own high standards. This means only using mulesing free wools and viscose fibers produced using a closed loop system, such as Tencel, making use of sustainable crops such as linen and hemp and ensuring production stays in the UK where possible.”

Oscha Slings is certified by the Better Cotton Initiative. This means their cotton growing practice:

  • uses water responsibly
  • promotes fair and ethical work practices
  • enhances biodiversity and uses the land responsibly
  • cares for the health of the soil
  • constantly improves its production system


There aren’t too many more magical sights in the world than the rolling green hills of the Scottish countryside. When you understand how closely tied Oscha is with its Scottish heritage, you can feel a little of that magic just wearing their carriers. And as an extra paragraph in their love letter to Scotland, a portion of each sale goes toward protecting and growing a beautiful grove in the Caledonian Forest.

We are passionate about babywearing and the environment, by bringing those two passions together in our responsibly-made products we hope to make the world a better place for future generations. We love our environment – it’s beautiful and inspiring, and we want it to stay that way.

Trees for Life is doing amazing work replanting and restoring the ancient Caledonian Forest. This is helpful not just for the landscape of Scotland – but the atmosphere of the entire planet.

Babywearing is one of the pillars of conscious parenting. We keep our little ones close because we want to raise compassionate, kind children who care enough about others and the planet to live lightly on the earth.

We love the idea of supporting a company that believes in and takes action toward keeping the planet healthy and beautiful for our children and for generations to come.

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