8 Awesome Facts About Renewable Energy

Green energy is a simple concept. It’s using renewable energy sources like wind, solar, water, or geothermal to generate electricity instead of traditional sources.

Some of the most beneficial facts about renewable energy are that it produces fewer pollutants, runs cheaper, and can also create jobs.

renewable energy facts

The only downside of green energy is that it pushes fossil fuels out, and people are often reluctant to change… especially when money is involved.

We’re living in a wonderful time where young people are fueling social change and helping to keep the environment safe. This generation can grow up learning about expecting clean energy, as long as we start teaching them early.

8 Facts About Renewable Energy

Here are 8 facts about renewable energy you can share with the young people in your life to help shape the “new normal” of our society.

1. Fossil fuels get more subsidies.

The fossil fuel industry is global — it has its claws in practically everything. And although there have been some subsidies given to renewables, the ones that coal, oil and gas receive far outweigh them. In fact, fossil fuels get 4x the subsidies of renewables (source).

Politics isn’t everyone’s favorite subject, but it’s important for kids to understand how political policies shape our world. This is one place where you can start.

2. Water wheels were once used to generate power.

Water is one of the oldest power generators. You can work with your kids to help them build one at home.

This is a straightforward but efficient way to explain how water can create power, even if the wheels are not the most conventional method. They’re so simple that you can easily make them with things from around the house. Even preschoolers would love to be involved.

3. A dam is a great visual for the power grid.

Water is one of those never-ending renewable energy sources that we often forget about. If you want to teach kids about the electricity grid, visit a dam or create a model of one. It’s a huge visual representation of a battery that illustrates the energy the world needs.

The lake formed by the dam is, essentially, the battery storage. When energy demand is high, water tumbles through the dam into the small river below. When demand is low, water is pumped back up into the dam, creating more energy reserves. Take a tour if you can.

4. Solar and wind industries are creating jobs.

Clearly beneficial to both the economy and the earth, beneficial facts about renewable energy point to the wind and sun. Green energy is a new and upcoming industry. It has already created jobs and will continue as demand grows, and the power grids adapt.

Now, solar and wind industries are creating jobs much faster than the rest of the economy. More jobs mean more work and more opportunities. The industry now employs 4 million people and is only expected to continue growing.

5. Costa Rica went entirely renewable.

Well, almost. The residents still drive gas-powered cars, but the electrical grid used 98% renewables for the year (source).

That’s an incredible feat, and one that larger countries have been unable to accomplish. Of course, the smaller population and the pleasant temperatures have some effect but does little to dampen the accomplishment. Costa Rica has become a positive example to encourage larger nations to follow suit.

6. One wind source could power a small town.

A single wind turbine, if properly placed and utilized, could power 1400 houses (source). Wind farms are becoming more popular, especially when they’re put in the ocean.

The constant breezes on the water create a nearly constant supply of energy, but it’s important to place them in an area that isn’t too susceptible to severe storms.

7. Green energy is more reliable than a power grid.

The electricity grid fluctuates by the hour and season. This is one of the facts about renewable energy that many people don’t know. Predicting the needs of people is a huge part of electricians’ jobs, but it’s not a perfect system. Storms often create power outages, sometimes for weeks. Green energy doesn’t supply power from a single source. It’s often spread out and uses multiple power generation methods.

8. The sun is all we need.

The best renewable energy source is the sun. If we invested exclusively in solar power and maximized its use, we could power the entire world from the sun. The best part is, you wouldn’t have to lay all those solar panels in anyone’s backyard. A large swath of desert could do it, but you could take it even farther. With robots and rovers, it’s entirely possible to lay down acre after acre of solar panels. What kid wouldn’t get excited about that?

Non Renewable Energy Facts

The non renewable energy facts are the direct opposites of the facts and benefits of renewable energy mentioned above. Think about them from a different perspective and you can easily determine why these facts about renewable energy are important.

The best fact about renewable energy is in its name — it’s renewable. Introduce your kids to the whole idea of how it works, let them experiment with it and get them excited about the future. That’s the surest way to protect the industry and the planet.

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  1. Jaque Christo says:

    I think renewable energy is an awesome idea and one we should embrace. The world is hesitant to change from fossil fuels but renewable energy neither damages the planet nor is it in any way less efficient than fossil fuels. It’s crazy that a single wind source could power a small town or that a huge dam could be converted into energy. I wonder if there’s a way I can hook my house up to a small windmill or how much solar panels cost.