Calming Guided Meditation for Kids: The Calm Kitty

Whether you’re looking to help ease your child’s worries or emotions or could benefit from a calming meditation yourself, here is a script to help bring a little peace into your child’s life.

Calming Guided Meditation Script: The Calm Kitty

There are plenty of situations where your child might need help calming down…

  • after a rough day at school
  • before nap time or bed time
  • to prepare for an activity that requires concentration
  • when they’re feeling anxiety or worry
  • after a fight with a sibling or friend
  • during or after a tantrum or positive time out
  • after too much screen time or overstimulation
  • when they seem depressed
  • during or after a panic attack

Mindfulness meditations offer many emotional and physical benefits. For parents, leading our child in a guided meditation is a wonderful way to be fully present in one moment – a moment that will impart lifelong healthy habits. And young children will savor this reassuring, calming time spent with a loving parent.

How to Help Your Child Get Calm

In any of the situations above, it’s important to be there for your child. Simply being present and attentive can ease fears and help them feel less stress.

Offer plenty of play time during the day

There’s nothing like the restful slumber that comes after a busy day of play and fresh air. One of the most effective remedies against insomnia is a fulfilling day where physical energy was properly used and the mind was engaged. Daylight and being outdoors helps to reset your child’s circadian rhythm, which is proven to enhance sleep.

Follow a bedtime routine

Kids thrive on routine because it gives them a sense of predictability in their lives. Even if your family has a busy schedule, stick to a daily routine as well as possible. Here’s one example of a calming bedtime routine:

  • No screens after dark (blue light after sundown disrupts the body’s circadian rhythm)
  • Calm play time with toys that aren’t too stimulating
  • Bath
  • Reading a calming book together
  • Calming guided meditation (led by a parent or caregiver) until they are ready to sleep

Do a nervous system check

Sometimes relaxation is evasive because your child’s central nervous system is dysregulated. Here are some practical, simple physical ways to help regulate your child’s nervous system that can be extremely helpful to shift the physical situation as well as their mood.

Guided meditation helps with the last two suggestions. Meditation is great for stress relief. Plus it calms the nervous system and makes a great addition to your child’s nightly routine. This type of meditation helps with stress relief, encourages active listening, and also improves self-compassion.

It also helps your child develop the ability to calm and relax their body and mind at will.

Try reading the script below to yourself to find the best pacing to read aloud to your child. Or you can play this video and get calm along with your little one.

Calming Meditation Script

Take in a nice deep breath and feel your belly expand. Let any thoughts or worries leave your body as you exhale.

Just continue to take nice, deep belly breaths as you follow my words. Settle in as we enjoy this cozy, quiet place. If at any time you need to move your body or adjust your posture, feel free to do so gently and slowly.

Now imagine yourself as an adorable kitty cat – the softest, sweetest kitty you can imagine.

What color is your fur?

Is it short or long?

Do you have stripes?

Just imagine how soft and adorable you are!

Pay close attention to your paws now as you walk. Your long tail also helps you balance perfectly.

Now, imagine jumping up on a rail. Notice how gracefully you do it and how lightly you land on your furry feet – one paw in front of the other.

It’s so fun to be a kitty cat, exploring and feeling adventurous. What other sensations do you feel as a fuzzy kitty?

Imagine you’ve spent the whole day exploring and having fun, and now it’s time to relax and take a nice afternoon nap. In the corner of the room, you’ll see your special soft bed. Imagine jumping down from the railing now and padding gracefully over to your nice, warm bed.

To make yourself comfortable, you decide to circle around the bed a few times. You’re making sure it’s nice and perfect to settle down in. The bed feels so thick and comfy and you knead your paws into the bed to make it extra cozy.

You turn a few different times to make sure your position will be perfect and then lie down for your nap. It does feel soft and cozy here in your warm kitty bed.

You feel so calm and happy inside, and you start purring like little kitties do. This feels so nice in your body as it vibrates from the top of your head all the way down to your fluffy tail. The vibrations from the purring make you relax even more.

Stay here for as long as you like… just enjoying the feeling of peace and calm that fills your entire body. You might curl your body up in a ball or you might STRETCH your body and roll over to your other side. 

Just spend time enjoying this wonderful relaxing feeling.

Most cats are very content and nothing bothers them. They rarely have a care in the world! Doesn’t it feel so good just  lying here without any worries and nothing to do?

When you’re ready, you can open your eyes and give your body a big, giant stretch. 

What a peaceful time you had as a calm, happy kitty!

Check In With Your Child

If your child is still awake, now is a great time to check in and see how they feel. Are they relaxed? Or did they have any trouble settling? Did any feelings or emotions come up? If so, gently talk through them.

Try out another calming guided meditation or check out one of our other scripts of different types of meditation that can help introduce breathing exercises, the power of thankfulness, and kindness to your child.

You can also access the PDF of this calming guided meditation for kids and our full library of 50+ guided meditation scripts downloadable PDFs when you subscribe below.

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