Morning Meditation for Kids

Try this gentle guided morning meditation for kids helps start your child’s day focusing on kindness and helpfulness.

morning meditation for kids
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Meditation has so many wonderful benefits for kids. By adding mindfulness to your child’s bedtime and morning routine you can help give them the tools to start and end their day with peacefulness and positive energy. Meditation helps kids process through anxiety, reduces stress, and prioritizes mental health.

How to Lead a Morning Meditation

Most of our guided meditation scripts are best used at night to help kids relax and fall asleep peacefully.

In this case, you’ll read this script together at the start of the day. You can do it as soon as your child awakens, even when they’re still in bed. Or you might choose to let them get up and stretch and move around first to get fully awake.

While they stretch or do some kid-friendly yoga poses, read through the script once to yourself to get used to it. Then when your child is focused, read this morning meditation script in a calm voice. You can use a little more pep and inflection since it’s morning and you don’t want them to fall back asleep.

As always, follow your child’s cues for the pace. Pause often to make sure your child has time to experience what is described here.

Kids Morning Meditation Script

Settle down and get comfortable. As you really pay attention to each word, just let your body relax more and more.

The soothing sound of each word is like a wave of relaxation that enters the top of your head and travels down your entire body. Feel the sensations and how this sense of calm relaxes each and every muscle.

Your neck begins to feel very relaxed. Your jaw is relaxed and even your eyes and forehead begin to let go of any tension or tightness. Your body takes a break from all the morning’s activities and knows it can rest and be still for these moments in perfect harmony and peace. 

The rest of your body relaxes now – your shoulders, arms, chest, and now your tummy, hips, and back. Your hands relax and even each finger – one by one. The relaxation now continues its journey down your upper legs, your knees, lower legs, into your ankles, down to your feet and into each and every toe.

Now your body feels completely at ease and like you’re floating on a cloud. It’s so very peaceful and enjoyable. 

As we begin this day, we focus on kindness and choosing to use our words gently – when we speak to ourselves and others. 

We’re going to pay attention to our thoughts and guide them in a way that makes us, and others, feel good. We do this because it actually feels better inside and creates a positive environment and a happy day! We simply feel better and experience more happiness and goodness when we are kind with our words, thoughts and actions. 

Today we also focus on being helpful to others. Being a team player is important because it makes life happier and so much more fun! When we help others, the other person benefits of course, but we do, too.

Helping others demonstrates kindness in action. Being helpful lets others know too they are not alone, and it brightens their day. 

Think back to a time when someone helped you. How did that make you feel? It was a wonderful gift. You can give the same gift today and everyday by being kind and helpful to others with words and actions. 

Of course, not everyone is always so kind and helpful, but these are the people who actually need it the most. Maybe they’ve never had an example of kindness or helpfulness, and by your example they can choose to change for the better and be happier and kinder, too. 

Now, when you’re ready, take in a deep breath and bring your attention back to where you are. 

You’ve done an amazing job relaxing and using your brilliant mind to think about things in new ways. So, bring back all the feelings of goodness and allow that to guide this wonderful day!

More Amazing Meditations for Kids

Guided meditation scripts for kids like the ones we share by Mellisa Dormoy of ShambalaKids can help encourage mindfulness and a positive attitude at school and at home.

You can make this a regular practice by setting up a quiet space or maybe a cushion or yoga mat in your child’s space. They might also enjoy their own timer to help keep track of a 5-minute meditation.

You can access our full library of 50+ guided meditation scripts plus downloadable PDFs when you subscribe below.

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  1. Mellisa Dormoy says:

    Thank you so very much for your kind words! I am so happy you enjoy the meditation and that you’re sharing it with others.

  2. Thank you. This script has worked wonders for both adults and children.

    1. Mellisa Dormoy says:

      Thank you so very much for your kind words! I am so happy you enjoy the meditation and that you’re sharing it with others.