Define Your Cloth Diaper Style

Define Your Cloth Diaper Style

Just as there’s no one way to parent your children… there’s no strict set of rules on how to cloth diaper your baby.  There are so many options to learn and processes to figure out. Sometimes the experimentation can be a turn-off to parents considering cloth diapering for all the great benefits it offers.

But it doesn’t have to be difficult.  Simply put, choosing a cloth diaper can be as easy or as complex as choosing your wardrobe.

Search your closet for clues about which options cloth diaper options suit you.

Do you always dress your baby in the newest styles? If fashion matters, you might fall in love with all the delightful options AIO (All-in-one) Cloth Diapers offer. These diapers generally have a vibrant PUL (polyurethane laminated fabric) outer, while the insides are stuffed with luxurious organic cotton. BumGenius Elementals, Swaddlebees, and GroVia AIO are the most popular brands for this style diaper.

There’s nothing wrong with favoring comfort over style, either. If you wear sweatpants more often than jeans, your baby will feel right at home in an All-in-Two diaper. Fuzzibunz and BumGenius both offer pocket diapers that boast a moisture-wicking liner and a super absorbent insert. Many people will even stuff two or more inserts in the diaper since these combos are popular for nighttime.

A highly affordable way to cloth diaper babies that will suit any budget-conscious family is with a pre-fold and cover. For infants, the best brand is Thirsties. Paired with a standard cotton pre-fold diaper, this is the leak-proof solution for even the messiest infant poos.

Since you only need 2-4 inserts and 18-24 diapers, you can easily pay less than $100 to cloth diaper babies up to 6 months old. After that, Flips and Econobum covers expand to fit larger babies and toddlers, although it can be more of a challenge to use two pieces on the squirmy kids.

There are many great resources online for cloth diapering. From blogs like The Cloth Diaper Whisperer to online communities for each of the diaper shops, you can easily find someone to talk about any fluffy topic.

The book, Changing Diapers: The Hip Mom’s Guide to Cloth Diapers, is a must-read for anyone getting started. Often, it comes free or heavily discounted with an online purchase.

I have found support and encouragement from the very beginning by writing about my experience cloth diapering. You never know what’s on the baby’s bum next to you until you ask.


Jeannette Bezinque is a stay-at-home-mom to two delightful baby girls. She is fascinated about green living and loves discovering new ways to be more eco friendly. For her, that means Earth-friendly and pocket-friendly. 

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