Heart-Brain Connection Meditation for Kids

Recognizing the harmony between the heart and brain can help your child feel more grounded in their body. You can help them learn to develop a strong coherence early on with this heart brain connection meditation.

heart brain connection meditation

When your child feels overwhelmed, confused, or frustrated, use this meditation to help them feel peaceful again. Tapping into the heart brain connection can help your child recenter.

A comfortable, calming environment sets the tone for this guided relaxation. This script includes a countdown to help them relax fully. Take your time as you read these words in a calm, even voice. Follow your child’s cues and pause often to let the words sink in.

Heart Brain Connection Meditation Script

Close your eyes and exhale fully. Now take in a slow breath and imagine breathing in pure energy up through your body.

Exhale through your mouth like you’re blowing out a candle and release any old energy or stress. Breathe in again – bright refreshing energy in through your nose up into your head. Breathe out again, letting go of any worries.

Keep breathing and doing this several times and begin to notice how clear your head feels.

When we meditate, we direct our thoughts and our mind stays active. We slow down our bodies so we can focus better. So relax your body now fully. Let’s count down from five and totally relax as we feel the energy of our hearts.

Five – Relax your head, scalp, and shoulders. Move your jaw and release any tension there.

Four – Exhale as your entire chest and heart area fill with joy and radiant light. Your heart energy
can help calm your entire body as we count down.

Three – Now, soften your tummy area from your belly button all the way down the top of your legs to your knees.

Two – Allow your legs to feel heavy and loose now.

One – Release tension through the bottoms of your feet as your whole body unwinds completely.

Now, focus on your heart. Feel its beautiful, pure energy. Did you know your heart has an energy field that extends three feet out from your body?

Imagine connecting your heart to your brain with a circuit of light. Feel how they energize each other.

Sometimes we can get stuck in our own head. Whenever you are overthinking or feel like you’re in your head too much, simply connect your brain to your heart and wait for that surge of calm, loving energy.

Your heart is always your guide.

Now we are also going to establish a connection with your mind, which is more than just your brain. Your brain is wonderful for analyzing and calculating, but the mind is different. If you think of your brain as a computer, then your mind is YOU when you use the computer.

Imagine this beautiful, luminous connection of your brain and your heart. Each has their special function, and they work together harmoniously. See that brilliant, wonderful circuit of light that connects them.

When this connection is strong, you can access greater emotional guidance.

Feel it and allow the light to circulate from your mind, to your brain, to your heart and back to your mind again.

Your heart has its own intelligence. It helps you to experience positive emotions – like love, joy, and gratitude. When you tune in and listen, your heart will always guide you in the best ways.

Feel the flow from this connection.

This harmony brings about a flow that helps you find that intelligent part of your heart. You can use it when you need to make decisions or just to feel more balance within your body.

You can stay here in this heart centered state for as long as you like.

Whenever you’re ready, take in a deep breath and open your eyes. You’ve done a great job. 

Wrapping Up + More Meditations

Now is a great time to discuss what your child felt during this heart brain connection meditation.

Ask if they could feel their heart energy during the meditation. Talk about any feelings that came up. Your child is in a highly susceptible state right now, so be sure to say positive, loving things.

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