What is Babywearing? A Story of the DIDYMOS Babywearing Legacy

Sometimes it’s tough to be be the first one in the neighborhood to try a new thing. Back in 1972, Erika Hoffmann knew this exact feeling.
From Ancient Times to Modern Parenting: The DIDYMOS Babywearing Legacy

At a time when it was practically unheard of for children to sleep with their parents or even breastfeed, the creator of DIDYMOS wraps took to an ancient tradition of babywearing after the brith of her twins, Tina and Lisa.

“Before then I had been fascinated by reports from distant countries where women pursued their daily work in a most uncomplicated way while intimately attached to their children,” Hoffmann explained. “I owned a carrying shawl from Central America; but it seemed too exotic at first and that is why I had hidden it in the chest of drawers.”

But with the birth of her twins, the time had come to give it a try. “I tried for a while until I found the right method and walked through our village (in Germany) where we had moved a few weeks before the birth of our twins.”

It Wasn’t Long Before Others Asked, “What is Babywearing?”

“Very soon we were the talk of the village and not all the comments were positive. But the twins convinced me. They started smiling as soon as they saw the cloth, and I also enjoyed the physical contact, just like a prolonged pregnancy.”

Babywearing had other advantages for Erika, as well. Her work no longer needed to be squeezed into quick moments when the girls were asleep. She could now manage the household again. And, she found herself becoming more relaxed knowing that the little ones received as much warmth and physical contact as her siblings had when she carried them around in her arms.

But, all that talk around the village didn’t go unnoticed. The Heilbronner Stimme and Stern magazine published articles about the baby wraps and slings. Not long after, many parents all over Germany wanted carrying cloths. “And I only had one myself,” Hoffmann said.

It’s with this personal experience and awareness that Hoffmann founded DIDYMOS.

What is Babywearing Like Today?

DIDYMOS is a company with heart that understands the needs and concerns of parents. That is why they offer quality products to help make childhood safe, secure, beautiful, and ultimately happier. Erika, herself, developed the sizes that have become standard in the babywearing industry today.

Many of today’s babywearing parents who swear by DIDYMOS feel they are carrying on a legacy in using these gorgeous wraps. One customer had a glowing review. “Nothing beats a DIDYMOS wrap for quality, ethics, comfort, design and price. Great for beginners – a good price, easy to break in and not ludicrously narrow or wide. Suitable for all ages – even the thin pure cotton neither digs or sags. The hemming, the accompanying literature, the packaging is all quality.”

DIDYMOS now offers a slew of products, from clothes for children to babywearing coats for adults, plus  toys and other items for both parents and children. But ultimately their baby wraps and slings will always remain a priority.

Favorite DIDYMOS Styles

Baby Slings

From Ancient Times to Modern Parenting: The DIDYMOS Babywearing Legacy | Salt & Pepper

For an amazing everyday style, check out the DIDYMOS Jacquard Sling in Salt and Pepper. The color and gentle pattern lends for a neutral choice, and the 100% organic cotton yarns provide a slightly grippy nature. A medium weight fabric is soft, yet solid and supportive enough to tie into a comfortable and safe place for a newborn or heavier child.

From Ancient Times to Modern Parenting: The DIDYMOS Babywearing Legacy | Ada

Another fan favorite is the Didymos Jacquard Extra Wide Ada sling. Experimenting with traditional weaving knowledge and techniques to create new, unusual designs and fabric blends is a passion at DIDYMOS. This Ada model does this beautifully, creating a soft and slightly fluffy piece that’s still moldable and textured for grip, this dark blue and natural-colored blend is a gorgeous sling that you’ll want to use every single day.

Baby WrapsFrom Ancient Times to Modern Parenting: The DIDYMOS Babywearing Legacy | Ludwig

Named for the baroque styles omnipresent at the hometown of DIDYMOS, limited edition Ludwig is downright sumptuous. An aqua colored cotton wrap artfully interweaves with cinnamon yarns to create a rich pattern that combines harmony and baroque exuberance. This is a lightweight wrap that is soft yet grippy and features a diagonal stretch that is characteristic for all DIDYMOS wraps.

From Ancient Times to Modern Parenting: The DIDYMOS Babywearing Legacy | HoundstoothIf you prefer a more structured, geometric pattern, you may love the Jacquard Anthracite Houndstooth Pattern wrap. Jacquard is all above the weave, meaning that the patterns are woven into the fabric, not printed on it. The patterns are the same on both sides, with the black and ecru colors reversed. This fabric is particularly tear-proof with optimal stretch. A super fashionable, practical choice.

DIDYMOS is a company that allows us to feel like we’re a part of the babywearing tradition that they helped to mainstream. One that takes pride in its organic, locally-woven products, knowing that parents put a lot of trust into their choice for a baby wrap.

DIDYMOS knows. Its founder was just that kind of parent 45 years ago.

From Ancient Times to Modern Parenting: The DIDYMOS Babywearing Legacy

*This article was part of a collaboration with our advertising partner, DIDYMOS. 


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