DIY Nature Halloween Costumes You Can Make At Home

A DIY nature Halloween costume is a fun way to way to show off your family’s love of the outdoors.

From a Child of Nature to the Loch Ness Monster, photographer Alana Beall has created these beautiful nature inspired Halloween costumes. They’re simple enough you can create from what you already have on hand… or from a quick thrift shop or craft store trip.

Child in nature Halloween costumes

There are many ways to simplify and green your Halloween, but when it comes to saving money, the costume is huge. Store-bought costumes are more expensive than ever..

A DIY costume can save a lot of money, but sometimes also involves a pretty big time investment as you run to thrift stores or craft stores looking for all the necessary elements. Or host an in-person or online costume swap to help source items.

So when you can use elements from the natural world or those inspired by nature, it allows you to be creative and eco-friendly.

DIY Nature Halloween Costume Ideas

If you’re looking for Mother Nature Halloween costume ideas, check our Halloween Pinterest board. You’re sure to find the perfect fabulous Mother Nature costume for moms, expecting moms, and kids.

If you’re pulling together a last-minute Halloween costume, raid your closet, kids’ closets, toy chests, and home decor storage areas with an eye for any of the following:

  • clothing in earth tones – a solid green outfit or a black dress is a great base for many of these ideas
  • accessories – natural jewelry, a straw hat, gloves, a tiara you can wrap with leaves or other nature elements
  • wigs – some of these are pretty basic, so a wig can help add some mystery to the costume

Here are the DIY Halloween costumes for kids our team and photographer Alana Beall created.

Loch Moss Monster

He’s green, but this monster is not so mean. You can use a variety of green items you find around your home or yard to make the moss.

For this adorable DIY costume we used:

  • green t-shirt
  • toxic-free kid safe makeup in green colors
  • ferns and greens from the craft store or dollar stores
diy kids halloween costume boy

Butterfly DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

When it comes to nature related Halloween costumes, a butterfly theme can make a simple costume. Butterflies are nature’s most beautiful pollinators, and they’re pretty appealing to kids! Here it is adapted for a toddler and an older girl.

If you have a set of wings in your child’s dress up trunk, this is the time to use them. But a simple mask can be a fun and easy way to achieve the same look.

In these two butterfly costumes we used:

  • butterfly mask, sticker, or printable butterfly attached to a chopstick
  • pipe cleaner hair wreaths
girl in DIY nature halloween costume
toddler in nature costume butterfly themed

Child of Nature

This is a fun mother-daughter costume idea – you as Mother Nature of course!

You could use a white dress or any simple, solid outfit along with

  • pipe cleaner and hot glue gun for the hair wreath
  • artichoke wand and flowers from the craft store
little girl in nature themed costume

The Shining Sun

The gold in this costume really adds a fun pop of color. The more natural the hair in this one, the better!

We used

  • an old hat box lid painted gold and orange
  • golden ribbon for the headband / way to fasten the head piece on
girl in nature inspired halloween costume

Rain Cloud Costume

An idea for a group costume or for siblings – one can be the sun and the other can be a rain cloud.

We had blue seersucker which came out really cute for this sweet costume, but you could go with gray, blue, or white. We also used

  • clear umbrella with tulle held in by fishing line
  • toxic-free kid safe makeup in blues to make raindrops on her face
girl in rain cloud costume

Scary Tree

Some kids would prefer to go full on Radagast from The Hobbit. But if you’re all about keeping it simple, this one’s a winner.

For this DIY kids costume we used

  • a black dress with a feather necklace / collar
  • headband with vine-wrapped stick
  • ravens
scary tree costume

If you try one of these or come up with a great nature Halloween costume idea, be sure to share photos. You can tag us on Instagram or use the hashtag #greenchild.

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