Eco Fab: Summer Must-Haves

Summer is the perfect time for hydrated skin, healthy fresh meals, and restorative sleep. Here are some of our favorite items this season.

summer must haves

Healthy skin starts with getting plenty of water, minerals, and whole foods. Several of our summer product picks can also help improve and enhance your skin.

Boroux Drinking Water Filter

The Boroux water filter system removes BPA, rust, glyphosate and other pesticides, PFAs, heavy metals, and chemicals from your drinking water. Boroux filters remove 200+ contaminants, in addition to eliminating bad tastes and smells.

Canopy Shower Water Filter

We’ve always filtered our drinking water, but I didn’t realize how drying and irritating our shower water was until we spent two weeks in Italy. Even without heat-styling, my hair was smooth. And all four of us noticed how much better our skin looked and felt.

When we got home, I started researching shower filters. Canopy’s showerhead filters remove or reduce chlorine, calcium carbonate, iron, hydrogen sulfide, mercury, chromium, chloramine, harmful microbes, bacteria, fungi, and other contaminants. These chemicals have been associated with cancer, skin inflammation, dehydrated skin, clogged pores, and increased water hardness.

Plus they come in a standard and a handheld option with four different finishes to match your bathroom. You can use code GREENCHILD15 for 15% off.

Plastic-Free Natural Deodorant

Our team is in love with the coconut vanilla scent deodorant from Community Goods. With a fresh, summery scent, it comes in a paperboard pushup tube. Formulated for sensitive skin, their moisturizing deodorants are non-toxic, aluminum-free, and free from parabens, sulfates or, phthalates. They are also cruelty-free, gluten-free, vegan, and they really work!

Wilding Beauty Gua Sha Tool Set

The large gua sha tool from Wilding Beauty’s Aura Collection is one of our favorite new products all around. And their body brush helps you get all the benefits of dry skin brushing.

These tools smooth, tone, tighten, detox, and sculpt the body. It was created by an acupuncturist, an herbalist, and a holistic esthetician to encourage healthy lymphatic flow, cellular detoxification, and release tension in the body.

Oliveda Skin Formulas

Oliveda’s base ingredient is sourced from olive trees that have been sustainably maintained for decades. They also prioritize healthy soil (one of the key components of Regenerative Agriculture). 

Here are a few of our team’s favorites:

Corrective midnight elixir – use overnight for softer, brighter, more toned skin. This formula combines retinol (fish sourced), arbequina and kahai oil with their patented “hyaluron in oil complex” and the regenerating super olive tree antioxidant hydroxytyrosol.

​Corrective eye elixir – they can’t keep this and their corrective face serum in stock ever since social media influencers started calling them “Botox in a bottle”. The good news is the active ingredient is hydroxytyrosol, which is all natural and derived from olive trees.

Honey enzyme face mask – we all agree this mask is super hydrating and soothing.

​Orac & Camu Camu concentrate – Camu Camu has one of the highest natural levels of Vitamin C. This combination of antioxidants (which you take internally) works as a shield to prevent premature skin aging.

CHI Sea Salt Texturizing Hair

When it’s too hot to heat style, beach waves are the perfect solution. We’re loving CHI’s Vibes So Beachy hair mist. Just spray on wet or damp hair, scrunch with your hands, and let it dry naturally. It also adds great hold to curling iron or hot roller curls.

Naturepedic Organic Latex Adjustable Pillow

Whether for your head, your knees, back support, or for side sleeping… Naturepedic’s organic pillow is amazing. It comes stuffed with breathable GOTS-approved latex fill. Remove as much as you’d like to make the pillow more flexible or squishy. We store the extra latex pieces in the original cotton bag it comes in. The pillow’s outer cover is machine washable.

Right now you can get 20% off during their 4th of July sale. Find certified organic mattresses and accessories for babies, kids, and adults.

Always Pan in Titanium

Our Place’s Always Pan has been our favorite pan for several years. Now they’ve created a titanium version which is oven safe. In fact, it can withstand temps up to 1000 degrees. It contains no toxic chemicals or PFAS (forever chemicals) so you can feel safe making healthy meals for your family.

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