Guided Relaxation Script: Beach Meditation

Our minds are so creative and powerful that we can transport ourselves to any place we desire, just by imagining it. Even when we can’t go to the ocean, we can still experience the warm sunshine and rhythmic waves within through guided imagery beach meditation.

Beach Meditation script
This beach meditation script is copyrighted by ShambalaKids and may only be used for in-person or live virtual reading. It may not be recorded for audio /video.

With this script, you’ll guide your child on an unforgettable adventure to the ocean and enjoy all the calm and serenity the beach has to offer.

There are so many benefits of guided meditation for kids – including stress relief, improved attention span, and even up to 70 extra minutes of sleep at night.

Leading a Beach Meditation for Kids

Make sure your child is settled and comfortable. In warm weather, let them be barefoot and think about feeling the sand between their toes. If it’s cold, make sure your child is physically warm, and then let their imagination do the rest.

Read through this script before speaking it aloud to your child. Find the right pacing and keep it light. The more you practice meditation, the more easily your child will be able to relax into the imagery.

If your child has been to a beach before, remind them of a few things they experienced. If they haven’t, share just a few details to give them an idea. And then let them create their own experience of what the ocean seems like.

Your pace and body language will set the tone for the meditation, so maybe take a few deep breaths to get yourself good and relaxed first. Go slowly and follow your child’s cues. If they want to talk about any feelings that come up, that’s great. Just make sure to keep everything calm and bring them back if they start to verbally wander too far.

Many kids fall asleep before the meditation is over. And that’s perfectly ok! You can always do it again another night.

Relaxing Beach Meditation

Close your eyes and bring yourself to a calm, quiet place in your mind.

Just stay here and relax for a few moments. Breathe deeply and comfortably. Notice how your chest and belly move as you take calming, deep breaths. 

Just listen as the air moves in and out. And again in and out. It is a quiet and beautiful sound.


Now imagine transporting yourself magically to your favorite spot on a beach.

You can choose your favorite beach. Or you can make one up with your imagination.

Picture yourself there now.

The sun shines brightly and gently warms your skin. It’s as if the sun is reaching down and pouring its love on you…. so warm and comforting.

Now you’ll slowly walk down toward the surf until you feel the lapping of the warm waves against your toes. Dig your toes deeply into the welcoming wet sand.

Feel how the calm waves flow over the sand. There’s a rhythm to the waves and how they wash in and wash away. This rhythm relaxes you and feels so steady and reliable.

Notice how your breathing remains very calm and even. Just take your time inhaling and exhaling slowly and calmly. Paying attention now, you slow your breathing even further and allow your muscles to relax.

Feel the warmth of the sun easing your muscles into complete relaxation. Slowly and easily your body relaxes more and more…. releasing tension or frustration, releasing any worries or doubts you have. Inhaling deeply again – breathe in calm and peacefulness.

Look out at the vast, blue-green sea. It’s so big, you can’t even see to the other side!

Anytime your mind brings up worries, you can think of how small our problems seem when we’re standing next to the huge, beautiful ocean. The ocean is also a wonderful symbol of abundance. It helps us know that everything we truly need will always be provided for us.

You can also take comfort in how the waves always keep going. Whether the seas are calm and easy or stormy and choppy, the waves never fail to wash up and make the shore look brand new – like it has a fresh start.

Your body is now relaxed. Your mind is relaxed now, too. You can empty your mind of all worries or thoughts that have been bothering you. Just enjoy this moment at the beach now.

Imagine the beautiful golden warm sun reaching each and every cell and muscle in your body, making you feel so wonderfully alive! Settle into the peace that surrounds you now, letting you know that everything is all right.

Whenever you’re ready, take in a nice, deep breath again and bring your attention back to where you are.

Now you’re feeling relaxed, safe, and peaceful – ready for a wonderful night’s sleep!

Wrapping Up and More Meditations

This a perfect time to discuss what your child felt or any worries or stress that came up during this beach meditation. Know that your child is in a highly susceptible state right now, so saying positive, loving things is the key to setting up your child’s subconscious mind for success.

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  1. J1s16i17e says:

    Thx it really helped.

  2. Laura Hamlyn says:

    Thank you so much for this

    1. Amity Hook-Sopko says:

      Of course! So glad you’re enjoying them!

  3. Mellisa Dormoy says:

    What a wonderful way to make memories during this time! Blessings!

  4. I’m a special education paraeducator and have been enjoying meditation for a couple of years. We closed our school district on March 13th due to the coronavirus and are starting to use zoom to reach out to our 6th graders. After seeing the impact that our stay at home orders has had on them, the teacher I work with asked me to lead each class in a guided meditation next week. This meditation will be perfect! I can play ocean sounds in the background as I give it. How wonderful to spend a little time at a place that is currently off-limits in real life.

    1. Mellisa Dormoy says:

      How wonderful! I’m so happy you can use them in classes during this time. I hope it brings loads of peace to the children (and teachers too!) Thank you for all you do!

  5. Amity Hook-Sopko says:

    So glad you’ve found another way to connect with your grandson. Sending lots of love to you and your family <3

  6. This is great! Thanks for sharing! This helped me relax a bit from all the stress that’s been accumulating lately.