Customizable Free Cute Printable Planner for 2024

The 2024 version of our cute printable calendar and planner is here to help simplify your life!

As busy moms, we love this as a great tool to always keep the most important tasks visible. These free printable planner pages can be used to create your own planner. Or add them your home organization binder to make it more useful.

2024 printable planner

As time seems to be moving at warp speed lately, we’re all about simplifying and streamlining. Monthly and weekly planner inserts plus so much more will help keep you organized and ready to tackle anything that comes your way.

With simple layouts and minimalist designs, you’ll feel organized and ready to tackle goal setting and keeping up with your top priorities.

While we do appreciate an online calendar or digital planners for syncing with the family, there’s something about having a tactile reminder system. Handwriting to-do lists works in our brains better than the nebulous feeling of the all your notes, birthdays, to-do’s, and appointments hanging around in the cloud.

We’ve offered this free printable planner for the past eleven years as a gift to our readers. This year’s design feels warm, fresh, and like the new start we’re all hoping 2024 will be!

This Cute Customizable Planner Includes

Over the past few years, this customizable tool – which started with our Weekly Meal Planner Printable and matching Pantry Staples List – has grown into 83+ pages has become a standby for our readers.

This 2024 free printable planner contains the basics (plus a bit extra)

  • 2024 Year at a Glance Calendar
  • Monthly Planners & Monthly Printable Calendars – with enough space to write down important events
  • Weekly To-Do List Pages
  • Weekly Activity Sheet
  • Notes Sheets – for use on your desk, counter, or for pinning to the fridge
  • Journal Pages – print as many as you need for journal entries, blog post ideas, or creativity blasts
  • Journal Topics – weekly sheets to help you track your ideas or to use for bullet journals
  • Inspirational Graphics & Quotes – to bring empowerment and good vibes to your daily routine. These can stay in a group or place them sporadically throughout this cute printable planner for routine exposure to inspiration.
  • Blank Monthly Calendars – no dates, in case you like to start your planner at nontraditional times of the year
  • 2025 Year at a Glance Calendar – to give you a jump start on your planning for next year!
  • References for your childcare provider and / or babysitter
  • Birthdays
  • Contacts
  • Monthly budget
  • Holiday budget
  • Home maintenance history
  • House paint colors
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Medical history or notes
  • Spring cleaning checklist
  • Cleaning & chore chart and checklists – blank so you can fill in with your own or age appropriate chores for kids
  • Weekly Meal Planners – choose Sunday or Monday Start-Week
  • Weekly Lunch Planners
  • Pantry Staples
  • Helpful Kitchen Conversions
  • Shopping List Sheets – half-page, meant for using outside of the binder
  • Labels for Pantry Storage / Mason jars
  • Recipe Sheet – 2 per page
  • And brand new recipe cards – because we miss those old fashioned, hand-written ones our grandmas used to have!

How to Print the Planner

Of course, we recommend recycled paper for printing the planner. And the beauty of this free printable planner format is that you can print only the pages you need and keep them in a binder you can use year after year. These cute planner templates are a great way to get organized for the new year!

You can easily print this cute daily planner at home, or through a service for high quality printing. We recommend using:

To thank you for being a reader, we’re happy to offer you our printable personal planner, absolutely free.

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    1. Amity Hook-Sopko says:

      Hi Jo! We were alerted to the goof on the dates back in July. We sent out the new version in our email newsletter. If you didn’t catch it, please reply here or email us media (at) and we’ll send the updated version so the remainder of the year isn’t wonky. Thanks and so sorry for the trouble!

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