Compassion Guided Meditation for Kids

This compassion guided meditation script for kids helps them understand the importance of self-compassion and giving it away to others. 

Kids need to understand that we can only give away what we already have. So, just like in the loving-kindness meditation script where we teach them how to fill their bucket with kindness, here we will stock the compassion store before we give away the wonderful wares.

compassion guided meditation for kids

Why should kids learn how to give away compassion?

One answer is that if you look at our world today, you can easily see how a little more of these qualities can make all the difference when it comes to understanding or helping one another.

But there’s another answer. It’s a self-serving response. But it’s the very best kind.

It makes us happier.

“People take longer-lasting pleasure from being kind to others than having others be kind to them,” Derren Brown explains in his book Happy.

This quote reminds us of how sometimes, it’s so much more exciting to give a gift than to receive one. 

And that’s where the compassion gift shop comes from.

You’ll guide your child, the shop owner, through this sweet relaxation imagery where they will cultivate compassion for themselves and then offer it and many other gifts – all for free. Just read this self-compassion script to your child in a gentle, even voice. Follow their cues as you take pauses to let them process. And be open to their curiosity or questions after the meditation ends.

Compassion Guided Meditation for Kids Script

Today in our meditation, we are going to pretend we are shop owners. It’s a very special shop, as you will see. For now, gently close your eyes and start focusing your attention on your breath. 

Breathe in and breathe out. 

Slowly and again. Inhale slowly and release a big breath out through your nose.

Now, as you breathe in, slowly visualize your breath going to each and every part of your body and relaxing it fully. Allow the breath to get into the tiniest spot inside you, and completely make it feel at peace and relaxed. 

As you exhale now, imagine releasing any worries, any troubles, any negativity you may have. Notice how your body feels. Just enjoy the feeling of letting go. 

Breathe in again, slowly, and notice the quality of coolness in the breath. Just notice how it feels as you take it into your body, and it flows to all the unseen places inside. Breathe in peace. Breathe out stress. 

Very good. 

Now, as you continue to breathe normally, imagine yourself standing behind a counter at a very special store. This is a gift shop of compassion, and you are the owner. 

It’s a special kind of gift shop, not like most you have seen. This one isn’t filled with physical things. Instead, you’ll find compassionate qualities you can share with yourself and others like acceptance, love, kindness, forgiveness, appreciation, and positive energy.

Compassion is one of the most beautiful gifts in the world. It’s more precious than gold, and we can actually give it freely as long as we have plenty of it inside ourselves.

Let’s take a moment to fill our shop and ourselves with compassion. You can say these things aloud or inside your own mind. 

“I love myself.”
“I approve of myself.”
“I forgive myself when I make mistakes.”
“Sometimes I might feel sad, but I know that I’m not alone.”

Over the next few days, you will probably think of other compassionate things you can say to yourself. When your self-love and self-compassion are strong, you’ll be making sure the shelves of compassion and loving kindness are even more plentiful.

Want to hear something amazing about these gifts? The more you give away, the more you receive in return. It doesn’t always come from the same person you gifted it to, but it always, always finds its way back to you. 

So, make sure you give these gifts away every single day and with a big smile, because you know you are making the world a much better place.  

Sometimes it might seem hard to give compassion to someone who doesn’t seem to deserve it. But actually, this is the person who needs it the most. 

Empathy means we can put ourselves in other people’s shoes and imagine what their life might be like. Maybe they have experienced troubles or haven’t received enough love or compassion. They don’t understand what a wonderful gift it is, or how it could make them feel so much better. 

Imagine for a moment, giving this special gift of compassion to someone who really needs it.

Now imagine giving it to all of your family and friends.

Now imagine giving it to your classmates. 

When we share the gift, they learn how to use it, and eventually how to share it, too.  

Spend as much time as you want here, offering these gifts of compassion and love and kindness to others in your mind. Look around the shelves to see if there are other qualities you would like to have here in your store.

Then take a moment to express gratitude or thank yourself for making the world a kinder place. And don’t worry about giving away too much. This store will be fully stocked again tomorrow.

Now once more, take another big breath and let it go. Open your eyes when you’re ready. You’ve done a wonderful job.

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