The Benefits of DHA for Kids

Proper nutrition is crucial for brain development, but many children don’t get enough of the nutrients their growing bodies need. We’re sharing how you can support your child’s health and development with brain foods and organic Omega-3 DHA for kids.

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Many of the nutrients important for brain health are found in foods such as fish, avocado, eggs, olives, and nuts.

Yet, the average child’s diet doesn’t typically contain a variety of healthy fats, nuts, and vegetables. When the actual consumption of a nutrient falls short of the recommended intake, it creates a nutrition gap.

The Benefits of DHA For Kids

EPA and DHA are Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil that are vital for normal brain function and development. The target intake of DHA for kids between ages 6 to 10 is 200-250 mg per day. (source) However, intake studies suggest kids get less than half of this amount, averaging about 100 mg DHA per day. (source)

Improved Focus & Performance at School

Lower levels of Omega-3s in kids has been associated with behavioral and learning difficulties. (source) Higher levels of omega-3, DHA in particular, are associated with better reading and memory and advanced drawings in children.

As anxiety can go along with these conditions, many pediatricians and naturopaths recommend a diet with adequate Omega-3s.

Stronger Eye Health

DHA is found in abundance in the retina so its existence is important for proper development of retina functions.

Boosted Cardiovascular Health

DHA and EPA are associated with the proper functioning of arteries and have been found to improve blood flow and lower blood pressure.

Enhanced Immune Response

EPA produces signaling molecules called eicosanoids which play numerous physiological roles and reduce inflammation. Steady Omega-3s help balance the immune system overall.

Potential Help with Childhood Asthma

The CDC reports that nearly 8% of US children have asthma. (source) One of the reasons for the surge in asthma cases in the last 40 years may be a lack of Omega-3s in the diet.

One study found that if women took fish oil during pregnancy, their children were less likely to have developed asthma by their teen years. It also reduced cough, improved air flow and lowered the need for medication in some asthmatic children. (source)

Potential Help With Childhood Diabetes and Insulin Resistance

The journal Pediatric Diabetes found that Omega-3 supplementation reduced BMI in obese and insulin resistant children. (source)

One group of children was given the medication Metformin and the other group of children were given Omega-3s for a period of 12 weeks. The Metformin affected the children’s BMI marginally, but the reductions were significant for the Omega-3s supplemented children.

Bridging the Omega-3 Gap With a Supplement

So, how can you help bridge this nutritional gap? Adding more fish, eggs, and nuts to your family’s diet is one option.

Another option that is helpful for kids is to supplement. Ideally you’ll find a DHA supplement for kids that is made without GMOs and it’s not processed with solvents or chemicals.

DHA Nutrition Options

Eversea’s patented ingredient, Nanuq, is the world’s first ocean-based Omega-3 (fish-free DHA) that is organic. Nanuq fish-free Omega-3 is made of algae. Specifically it’s safe for those with fish or crustacean allergies. It’s also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Eversea also processes their supplements minimally, ethically, and sustainably. Most omega-3 is highly processed with solvent extraction and molecular distillation, which may destroy the quality of the oil. Eversea protects the delicate Omega-3 so the product remains in its natural effective triglyceride (TG) form.

Nordic Naturals has been a trusted option since 1995. Try their non GMO DHA gummies for kids or their liquid Omega-3 with EPA & DHA for kids.

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