Guided Relaxation: Visualizing the New Year Meditation

A new year brings a fresh start. It’s also the ideal time to use a guided meditation script for the new year to help your child set their intentions for the future.

Simply read this guided meditation for the new year script in a relaxing voice when your child is calm or ready to fall asleep. This is a fun one to try in late December or make a tradition for New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day to prepare for the upcoming year.

Introducing a meditation practice is extremely beneficial to kids. They can learn to reframe their emotions, create good habits, and enjoy the present moment.

These guided meditation scripts for kids are written by Mellisa Dormoy of ShambalaKids. They help children and teens relieve stress and anxiety, learn patience, improve self-esteem, enhance mental clarity, and develop a positive mental attitude at school and at home.

A new year brings a new start. It’s also the ideal time to use guided relaxation techniques to help your child set an intention for the New Year. 
These guided meditation scripts are copyrighted by ShambalaKids and may only be used for in-person or live virtual reading. They may not be recorded for audio /video

Lie down and close your eyes.

Just imagine you’re lying somewhere very comfortable, and your body starts to relax more and more. You begin to feel warm and cozy inside even though the outside air has grown crisp. The trees have lost their leaves and have gone to sleep for the winter.

Imagine yourself curled up in front of a nice warm fireplace. You watch as the flames flicker yellow and red. The golden yellow flame seems to relax you even further as you enjoy the warmth and coziness.

As you lie here enjoying this moment of relaxation, you start to remember some wonderful things that have happened this past year. There have been many moments that have made you happy; many moments that have made you smile and grateful.

It’s been a good year.

You’ve grown on the outside and on the inside, too. You’re smarter and wiser. You know yourself better, and you’re getting to know your personal gifts more and more.

If there’s anything you wish to leave behind, take a moment to let that go now. Breathe deeply, and when you let your breath out, just blow those things away. W

The new year will bring a brand new start.

Now is the time to think about all the amazing things you want to accomplish. Remember, you can achieve anything you put your mind to!

So start to imagine all the wonderful things you’d like to do this coming year. Maybe you want to get better at something you enjoy doing, or perhaps learn a new skill.

Maybe you want to spend more time helping others.

Whatever you decide, you’ll have a wonderful goal to work toward each and every day.

Always remember to have faith in yourself and in your ability to accomplish your dreams. By using your heart and your mind together, you can create a fantastic year filled with joy, happiness, and fun!

Now take in a deep breath and imagine yourself at the end of the year having accomplished all these wonderful things you’ve been thinking about. Doesn’t it feel wonderful?

Picture yourself as having succeeded, and hold on tightly to that image in your mind and heart!

Now allow peacefulness and happiness to fill up your entire body, going into each and every cell.

When you’re ready you can open your eyes and give your body a big stretch… and be ready to live your dream!

Another fun activity for the New Year is to set goals and create new family traditions. Find the free printable PDF of this script and 40+ more guided meditation scripts when you subscribe below.

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  1. Angie D'Anjou says:

    Thank you Melissa! I truly enjoy your scripts. This one was so relaxing.
    Deeply Appreciated.