Herbal Digestive Teas for Gut Health

When it comes to gut issues, herbal digestive teas make an easy go-to remedy. There are a variety of teas for digestion and teas that promote healthy gut bacteria you can blend at home or buy premade.

digestive tea for gut health

Which Herbs Heal Your Gut?

To know the best teas for gut health, it’s important to know which herbs to use for each ailment. There are many herbs that are beneficial for digestion and that help nourish the microbiome. Here are some that work well for many people:

  • Peppermint: In tea, peppermint helps soothe the stomach and eases digestive issues. It can also help ease menstrual cramps, as well as bloating and relieve headaches.
  • Ginger: Ginger root is well known for it’s zesty flavor that it brings to tea and other dishes. It supports digestion, and can aid in calming an upset stomach. It can be a first line of defense for those with morning sickness.
  • Calendula: This bright flower has a peppery taste, and works wonders on an upset stomach as well as with heartburn and general indigestion.
  • Dandelion & Dandelion root: Dandelion and dandelion root both have amazing benefits, with wonderful properties that support digestion and gastrointestinal health. Dandelion has many other benefits too!
  • Fennel: I absolutely love the way fennel tea smells and tastes, and the digestive benefits are a major perk, too! This herb is a great one to add for flavor along with being a gentle digestive stimulant.
  • Lemon Balm: Part of the mint family, lemon balm calms the stomach and also balances mood for lovely herbal benefits.
  • Chamomile: Well known for it’s wonderful relaxing effects, chamomile also supports digestive heath.
  • Marshmallow & Marshmallow Root: Both marshmallow plant and the root have natural mucilage that is supportive to mucus membranes in the mouth, throat, and digestive tract. It is makes one of the best digestive teas there is!

How to Get the Most Benefits from Tea

It is important to consider that many tea bags are made with plastic. Read more about how to avoid plastic in tea bags and find which brands don’t use any plastic at all in their tea bags.

Tea is a great way to build your child’s microbiome too. Start with mild or sweet flavors (like cinnamon) to get your child adjusted to the taste of tea. And always make sure it’s a safe temperature for little ones.

You’re likely to see the herbs on this list in many of these herbal and digestive teas for gut health. Of course, you can buy premade herbal tea blends that will support digestion and a healthy gut, but it’s also easy to make your own tea blend.

For loose tea blends, I prefer to use a tea strainer that sits in the cup for easy steeping and clean-up. Some people really like glass teapot tea infusers, or a tea press, both also work well. 

When purchasing premade tea bags, it’s important to consider the safety of the herbs as well as the tea bags themselves. Only buy tea (whether loose leaf or bags) that is organic and non-GMO to prevent consuming any harmful chemicals with your tea. 

Best Teas for Gut Health

If you’re not into sourcing herbs and creating your own blends, you can find these premade tea blends to support your gut health.

#1 Digestive Tea Blend

This Digestive Tea Blend is a lovely blend of dandelion root, fennel, ginger, mint, and chamomile. This tea is organic, tastes delicious, and promotes a calm stomach. It works well for nausea, excess gas, and bloating. This handmade tea blend works best when sipped before or after meals. 

#2 Pique Tea

For a unique and well rounded day of healing teas for gut health, try the Thriving Gut Ritual from Pique Teas. This tea is high quality, and I love this combo to have tea throughout the day. 

These are tea crystals, so they can simply be stirred into hot or cold water for a delicious cup of probiotic and prebiotic tea. This is a great daily gut supporting tea routine! 

#3 Happy Belly Tea

Handmade and lovingly blended for a happy gut, this Happy Belly Tea blend has chamomile, peppermint, lemon balm, fennel seed, and cinnamon. These ingredients all make for a tasty tea for digestion, and is a wonderful warm cup to sit, sip, and heal.

#4 Gut Support Tea

This calming gut support tea blend works amazingly to restore the gut. Particularly when it comes to stress related-gut issues, this tea blend is a healing herbal remedy for days when your stomach is off. This tea blend features plantain, calendula flowers, and marshmallow leaf and root among other stomach calming and supporting herbs. 

Herbal Tea Recipes for Gut Health

To make your own herbal tea recipes at home, try these digestive tea blend recipes to support gut health. It’s empowering!

#1 Calendula Iced Tea

Calendula flowers are beautiful as well as health beneficial, boasting properties that help digestion. Make Calendula Iced Tea with this simple recipe so you can cool off while you support your digestive system. This particular tea recipe helps to soothe the digestive tract, and can help indigestion and heartburn. 

This iced tea only takes about 10 minutes to make plus steeping time, and uses either fresh or dried calendula flowers. It’s a perfect opportunity to use some of those sunny faced calendulas in your herb garden! 

#2 Marshmallow Root and Leaf Tea

Marshmallow root is a lesser known but historical herb that packs an amazing health punch, especially when it comes to soothing the esophagus and stomach. Marshmallow Root and Leaf Tea is easy to make, and the majority of the time is spent infusing. 

It’s best to use room temperature water to make this tea, so the heat won’t destroy any beneficial properties of the marshmallow plant. All you need is marshmallow leaf, marshmallow root, water, and time! 

#3 Gut Healing Tea Recipe

This gut healing tea recipe can aid healing and support a variety of gut issues, so it’s a wonderful all around tummy tea. I like this recipe because it has many uses, and it makes 32 oz of tea, so it lasts a few days. The longer it steeps, the more potent the herbs are, so keep that in mind.

The ingredients include:

  • dried marshmallow leaf or flower
  • dried plantain leaf
  • dried marshmallow root
  • dried fennel seed 
  • dried rose petals

#4 Dandelion Tea

Dandelions are a common flower that are humble but powerful, and are wonderful in a digestion tea. 

Dandelion Tea is beneficial for digestion, as well as for liver and kidney function. It’s also high in vitamins, and super easy to make at home. 

Foraging dandelions is really simple, the main obstacle is to find some that aren’t sprayed with harmful chemicals. Usually the best bet is your own backyard. All this simple and supportive tea needs is dandelion flowers and hot water, and 10 minutes to enjoyment!

#5 Digestive Tea Recipe

This is another simple but effective Digestive Tea Recipe, that calls for lemon balm, fenugreek, and peppermint. It easily supports digestive health, and is deliciously topped off with a cinnamon stick and lemon slice, which both add to the herbal goodness of this digestive tea.

#6 Formulate Your Own Gut-Nourishing Tea

If you want to learn to formulate a gut nourishing herbal tea on your own, learn how with this in-depth tutorial from Herbal Academy. Broken down into 3 steps, this tutorial walks you through how to target specific issues with gut healing herbs. 

Then it teaches you how to make an herbal formula that will work for you, with the exact right herbs for what your ailments are. This is the best way to take organic herbs and make them into a digestive tea that will work for you!

More Nourishing Tea Options

These teas and tea recipes also offer nutrition, nourishment, and immune support.

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