Social Distance-Friendly Staycation Ideas for Families

Many summer vacation plans are going to have to be altered this year—that is if they haven’t already been cancelled or postponed.

Understandably, families will most likely forgo traveling to either near or far locations and opt to stay at home. That being said, we are all spending a lot of time at home these days. So how can we break away from this new normal and actually feel like we’re getting away from the daily work from home, learn from home, do everything at home grind?

Social Distance-Friendly Staycation Ideas for Families

Enter the family staycation. Now traditionally, staycations typically involve “getting off campus” and exploring your hometown or nearby attractions. Maybe it would include a short road trip to a museum or a day at the beach.

That’s not exactly the kind of family staycation ideas we’re talking about. Any kind of an excursion to a crowded public place is probably off limits right now. And even if not officially, you’ll likely want to steer clear of these kinds of establishments for a while, even if the quarantine has been lifted.

But your family can still escape the day-to-day and enjoy each other’s company by doing new things together. So, clear the weekend and dedicate your time and energy to having fun as a family with one of these social distance-friendly staycation ideas:

Backyard Camp Out

A fan favorite family staycation idea once the weather gets a bit warmer, families have enjoyed this kind of backyard getaway way before the times of social distancing. Quarantine may just provide the perfect excuse to pack your back packs, dust off the sleeping bags and pitch a tent.

You can set up your camp site together as a family. If it’s safe to do so, you can build a fire and host a good-old fashioned camp out meal. Otherwise, fire up the grill to cook up some hamburgers, hot dogs and s’mores.

Go on a nature walk, kick the ball around and craft some unique art from nature findings. Consider setting up a kind of nature scavenger hunt and have some campfire stories at the ready. Star gaze at night and enjoy connecting with nature — something you may be too busy to do so under different circumstances.

“Book” a Literary-Inspired Trip  

Books have inspired many family vacations before the quarantine, be it Harry Potter, Eloise at the Plaza, or even Charlie Brown. Decide on a favorite family book to fashion your weekend around and transform your home into that storybook inspired land.

Eat what the characters eat, dress as they do and partake in some imaginary play together as a family. Even consider taking on individual characters for the day and read out sections of the book as a play.

Host a Movie-thon

If movies are more your thing, there are few better excuses for a movie marathon than quarantine or social distancing. Decide on a lineup as a family and create your own personal movie theater, complete with dine-in options.

The list can range from individual favorites or carry out a theme, like all “Out of the Vault” classics or a Bruce Lee binge.

Transport Your Home

Create location-inspired fun without having to pack your bags or hop on a plane. First decide as a family where it is in the world you’d like to “go”. Then spend a little time researching the destination as if you were planning out a trip. Identify the attractions you’d like to see and investigate what digital options are available.

Many museums are offering online access to their exhibitions. And some Broadway shows are available to stream. There are even virtual roller coaster rides available online, thanks to this recent quarantine.

You can plan to cook a cultural dish as a family and learn a few phrases of the local language if the destination of choice is outside of the US. Not sure where to go? Check out our staycation guide to top locations like Hawaii, Yellowstone, Amsterdam, New York and Disney.

Bed and Breakfast for the Staycation Win

Also known as pajamas and pancakes for the day—get comfy at home and lounge together as a family. Wear matching pajamas and cook up breakfast favorites all day.

Waffles in the morning and omelets at night—why not? Staycation ideas for families don’t have to all be over the top.

Family Field Weekend

If you’re all a little tired of lounging, get moving instead. Plot out field events that you can participate in as a family. Craft some “awards”, make homemade lemonade and even consider inventing new sports together.

One of the perks of planning a social distance-friendly staycation in place of a traditional family vacation is that you don’t have to choose just one “destination”.  

Escape the at-home schedule and demands and enjoy time together getting away from it all—even if you’re still at home. Have any family staycation ideas of your own? Share them with our community on social media or leave a comment below. The more ideas, the merrier!

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