Free Printable Weekly Meal Planner

Meal planning can help you save time, money and a whole lot of frustration with those last-minute what’s for dinner? questions. Our free printable Weekly Meal Planners plus shopping lists can help you plan your week and get in and out of the market in less time.

Free Printable Weekly Meal Planner from Green Child Magazine


Whether your kids are big or little, having a plan is key for keeping healthy, home-cooked meals in your weekly rotation. And if your family is busy with activities, it can even help you plan which nights might be leftovers or healthy carryout.

If you’ve had an aversion to meal planning, once you commit and really see it through, you may find that you actually enjoy finding new recipes, USING those cookbooks, and intentionally spending time in your kitchen preparing food for and with your family.

There’s no right or wrong way to do it. But we like to keep it simple.

Because let’s face it – complicated gets thrown out the window the first day someone’s piano lesson gets moved and ruins your best laid dinner plans.

With our free printable meal planner, you can simply fill in meal ideas for each day of the week and create a shopping list to make it happen. There is also a notes section to add in any details you want to remember – or be sure a partner remembers!

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Be sure to check out our recipes section for meal ideas, as well as our free Pantry Staples List which includes another free printable (that matches this Meal Planner) for a good list of items to have on hand for those days that making it to the grocery store just isn’t going to happen.

To save paper, place this printable in a protective sheet or photo frame and fill it in each week with a dry erase marker (we fell in love with these adorable fine-tip, magnetic dry erase markers with their cute round erasers.)

Click here or on the image below to download this
free printable Weekly Meal Planner (Monday Start)

{Week staring with Monday}Meal Planner Monday Week


 Click here or on the image below to download this
free printable Weekly Meal Planner (Sunday Start)

{Week staring with Sunday}
Meal Planner Sunday Week


If you have any troubles, try selecting the link you want, right click and “Save link as.”

Click here to get the matching Pantry Staples List!

Below you’ll find our Natural Themed meal planning printables. And you’ll always find our full 83+ page customizable planner updated each year also for free.


Click here to download this free printable Natural Themed Meal Planner!
{Week staring with Monday}

Click here to download this free printable Meal Planner!
{Week staring with Sunday}


Click here to download the free printable Pantry Staples List!

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