Useful Gardening Gifts for Her

Know someone who loves growing food or tending to their flowers? Then your gift giving worries are solved! Whether you want to update Grandma’s garden tools, get the perfect nature themed gift for mom, or get a beginning gardener started, find all the best gardening gifts for her in this guide!

garden gifts for her

If you’ve been stumped on a gift, you’ll be delighted to know that people who garden are SO easy to buy for!

I’m a gardener and wouldn’t be upset if five people gave me new pruning shears or gardening gloves this holiday. As organized and sustainable as I try to be, there are a few garden items that get so easily lost, torn, or too dirty to ever get clean. And I’m delighted to receive replacements.

What to Gift Someone Who Loves Gardening

For green thumb ladies in your life, there are gardening gifts that are perfect for all seasons of life. From beginning gardeners to gardening grandmas, these gardening presents are perfect for garden-loving women.

Here at Green Child, we always encourage giving meaningful and thoughtful gifts. When you give something you know they will use and appreciate, your gift won’t end up in a landfill anytime soon. It also shows the person that you care enough to pay attention to what they enjoy.

Cheers to women who love to dig in the dirt, breathe in the fresh air, grow as their plants grow, and find peace in the soul of their gardens.

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Gardening Gifts for Women

These practical and eco-friendly gifts can either help start a garden from seeds, downsize to an easy-to-maintain container garden, or take on planning a self-sustainable food forest.

We always look for items that are either sustainably made, will help you do something good for the planet, or are long-lasting. And we try to leave plastic out of the equation when possible.

Helpful Gardening Supplies

Most seasoned gardeners don’t fall for popular new gadgets. They’ve probably learned their lesson with cheap growing lights and plastic tools that break after one season of being exposed to the elements.

These great gift ideas are perfect for beginners and those who have been planting and growing long enough to rely on tried and true methods.

Pruning Shears

garden shear gifts

Growing food or having beautiful flowers is nearly impossible without a great set of pruning tools. And it’s important to keep them clean and disinfected so you don’t transfer any disease from plant to plant. Also, they’re kind of easy to lose in the grass. So, it’s helpful to have more than one set.

These 8″ titanium shears are sturdy and long lasting. The pruners do most of the work which means your hand doesn’t get as tired.

Plant Markers

garden markers gift

Garden markers are a perfect gardening gift for anyone who plants seeds and tends to forget where they planted what! This set comes with an oil-based paint marker to customize the signs to her own garden goodies.

I’ve used grid paper to make maps, but I rarely carry the papers outside with me. And when I take photos with my phone and mark them up with my garden plans, it just turns into more digital clutter I can’t find when I need it. These have been super useful. Plus they’ve lasted through three seasons so far and still look great.

Garden Harvest Basket

I wonder if my neighbors ever saw me trying to hold giant Meyer lemons in my hands before I dedicated a basket to the task. Help her avoid being a #gardenfail sensation by gifting her an eco friendly basket. It’s a gift she likely won’t buy for herself, but would LOVE to have.

This small eco garden basket is perfect for harvesting and is beautifully handmade with cedar. It’s lightweight, water resistant, and can hold a variety of garden harvests.

Seed Saving Kit

seed saving gift set

A seed saving kit is something I never knew I needed. But it’s on my gift list this year! I can’t even recall how many times I’ve gathered seeds without properly labeling them. Planting the wrong thing can cause space or non-compatibility issues in the garden.

This one’s great because it is plastic free. The containers are made from recycled steel and the bags are made from wood pulp. It also includes directions for collecting and saving seeds.

Bulb or Seed Planters

Natural wood garden dibblers are useful for planting seeds or bulbs at the correct depth in the soil. This garden gift is highly recommended for those who like to plant their garden from seed. Once they use it, they’ll never know how they lived without it!

Potting Bench

A large gift like a potting bench isn’t for just anyone, but if you know your recipient has the space, it makes a great addition to their hobby. She can customize it for her own garden and it offers plenty of storage area. The work tabletop slides open to reveal a dry sink. Or close it to keep tools safely covered when not in use.

Gardening Gloves for Women

Gardening gloves are essential for all gardeners, whether beginner or experienced.

Bee Gardening Gloves

gardener bee gloves

These bee gardening gloves are light and protective with a lovely bee and flower design, perfect for a bee lover!

Long cuff gardening gloves will protect hands and forearms from irritating plants or thorns. These women’s gardening gloves have really nice design options and are washable. They’re sized just right with an adjustable wrist strap and are soft yet sturdy.

Claw Gloves

garden claw gloves

They may look like part of a Halloween costume, but these claw gloves are really useful for breaking up the dirt and clearing out weeds, leaves, pine needles, and other stuff from flower or vegetable garden beds. Users also report they make a great back scratcher, too!

Gardener’s Hand Care Set

gardeners hand cream set

After long hours of gardening even with gloves, our hands tend to need some care too. This organic gardener’s hand care set includes a natural brush to scrub hands and clean under fingernails. It also comes with healing balm, cuticle cream, and a natural gently exfoliating soap. Plus, it comes in eco-packaging! Find a similar hand care set on Amazon here.

Personalized Gardening Gifts

One of the best gardening presents for a tried and true seasoned gardener is a personalized gardening gift. I love these ideas for anyone invested in growing a garden of any kind!

Personalized Harvest Basket

garden harvest basket gift

A personalized harvest basket is a perfect gift for your favorite green thumb. Handmade gifts are extra thoughtful. This basket carries harvests in from the garden from fruits to herbs and flowers. It is cute enough to use as decoration for a table centerpiece when it’s not harvest time.

Personalized Sun Hat

A wide brim hat keeps the sun off of her face and helps keep her cool. I love this plant lady hat, but you could also find plain hats or other personalization.

personalized garden gifts for her

This is a solid and sturdy garden trowel set with wood handles that includes 4 garden tools. With personalization on each handle, this set makes a thoughtful and practical gift. You can choose the font so they all match.

garden sign

This adorable personalized metal garden sign makes a really nice gift for someone who really puts a lot of time and pride into their gardening. It can be hung on the side of the house, on a garden fence, or on a shed. With multiple options for personalization, this is a special garden gift!

garden tote gift

A personalized garden tote makes a lovely gift for a gardener to organize and transport her tools. It’s also great for storage so she always knows where everything is. Plus, keeping tools protected can help prevent rust. Made out of canvas for durability, this tote is lightweight and even comes with garden tools tucked into its convenient pockets. 

Garden Gifts for Grandma

Growing food or maintaining flowers and plants are fantastic hobbies for grandparents. It helps keep them active and outside enjoying fresh air and sunshine. Plus it makes it easy to choose a great gift for them!

Grandma’s Garden Book

grandmas garden book

Gardening can be a fun way for kids to bond with Grandma. It teaches them a slower pace of life and can give them time to talk about how different life was back in the grandparents’ day. In the book Grandma’s Garden, by Toni Armier and illustrated by Lynn Horrabin, this darling pair work together pulling weeds, planting seeds, and watering flowers and vegetables.

Ergonomic Garden Tools

These ergonomic gardening tools have vertical handles that require less grip strength and work well for those with arthritis. With 3 tools in this set, this garden gift is a great way to keep Grandma doing what she loves!

Garden Kneeler and Seat

garden kneeler

A garden kneeler and seat is honestly a good gift for any gardener, but especially for gardeners who might benefit from more ergonomic positions. This might be the perfect present for gardeners who can’t bend or squat for long periods of time.

As shown in the photo, it’s a gardening seat. Simply flip it over to kneel or sit low to the ground. It also folds down for easy storage. With handy side pockets for garden tools, this seat is easy on the back and knees.

Elevated Planter Box

planter box

This elevated planter box is the perfect height for gardening ease, it reduces bending and kneeling for a comfortable gardening experience. Grandma can stand, or sit in a gardening seat to grow to her heart’s content! This particular planter box is made of wood and can fit on a patio, balcony, or deck for easy gardening access.

Grandma’s Garden Stones

garden stones custom for grandma

Mark Grandma’s special spot with hand painted garden stones. The smaller stones can be personalized for the number of children or grandchildren she has. She’ll love these meaningful beautiful garden stones.

Other Helpful Gardening Gift Ideas

When it comes to giving gardening presents, it can be hard to know what to get the gardener who seems to have it all. These less common gardening gifts should spark some imagination!

Drawing Salve Stick

drawing salve

There are so many benefits to being out in nature, but bugs are my least favorite part. Especially in the summer, she’s bound to come across a mosquito or stinging critter. Earthley’s black drawing salve stick uses charcoal and clay to ‘trap’ the toxins being drawn out of skin, including oil from poison ivy or toxins from stings.

I’ve also used black drawing salve on splinters. Apply the salve and cover with a bandaid overnight. Sometimes the splinter is stuck to the bandaid by the next morning. And if not, it is usually easier to work with the skin to remove it.

Harvest Apron

This beautiful handmade harvest apron is made out of cotton and has extra large pockets to bring all the garden goodness inside to use. Made of 100% cotton fabric and washable, this garden gift is a perfect mix of functional and fashionable.

Butterfly Feeder

Butterflies are pollinators, and this butterfly puddler dish is a pretty way to make sure butterflies in the garden are getting the nutrients they need. This dish is a nice addition to a garden, and makes a unique garden gift that brings some beauty and pollination to the yard!

Garden Sleeves

garden sleeves

Garden sleeves are perfect for those who would appreciate full arm coverage while gardening. Personally, I have really sensitive skin, so I like to have my arms covered. These are lightweight, protective, useful, and cute! They are 100% cotton and can help keep ticks and mosquitos away too.

Gardening Clogs

Gardening clogs are a popular and comfortable choice amongst gardeners. They’re easy to step in and out of, warm for chilly mornings but not too hot for sunny weather, and waterproof. These clogs from Western Chief are a perfect gardening gift for an enthusiast of any age.

Muck Boots

I love these Muck boots that can be folded either up or down depending on the weather and how muddy the season is. They are 100% waterproof, versatile, and work for almost any region.

Winter Gardening

Last, but not least, we cannot ignore that during the winter months, many of us can’t garden fruitfully. However, it is a great time for garden planning!

Indoor Herb Garden

herb garden

An indoor herb garden grow kit is a perfect gift for someone who misses outside gardening during cold winter months. Make their green thumb heart happy by growing fresh kitchen herbs!

Garden Journal

This garden journal and almanac is a thoughtful gift for your snowed-in loved one. There is nothing quite like starting the spring gardening season off strong with a well-thought-out and budgeted plan!

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