Gender Neutral, Unisex C- Baby Names

When it comes to naming your baby, parents can be inspired by so many things, be it nature, culture, family heritage or even a single letter. And in this case, that letter is “C”!

Perhaps you want all siblings to share the same first letter, or you just like the look of the letter. Check out our list of unisex C-baby names below:

Gender Neutral, Unisex C- Baby Names Green Child Magazine

Unisex Baby Names That Start With C


The name Chris can mean a few things, including “anointed”. It’s a classic C-name that suits any baby.


The name Cairo means victorious one and is of Arabic origin. This is one of the unisex names that starts with C that could also be tied to your culture or love for travel or history.


Camden is a gender-neutral name of Scottish descent, meaning “winding valley.” Camden is also a hip London borough, making this a perfect place-inspired name.


The Irish Gaelic meaning translates to”vigilant” or “watchful”, making it a great possible name for a first child.


This unisex C- baby name is of Scottish origin and means, “crooked nose”. While the meaning may not be the most ideal, remember a name is about how it makes you feel.


Cypress is of Greek origin and represents the cypress tree. Looking for more gender neutral name inspo? Check out our full list here!


Cadyn is a more modern, invented name. So, it could make a great name choice for parents looking for unique or unconventional monikers.


Meaning free person, Charley is a super sweet gender neutral baby name option. It could also be spelled Charlie.


To continue our list of unisex names that start with C, Cory is an English name, which means from the round hill, seething pool, or ravine. If this gender neutral baby name takes you to a peaceful place, it could be a good contender.


Meaning small slope or hillside, similar to the above Cory, Coty is of French origin. It’s also a short and sweet, 4-letter baby name.


Cyan is also a color baby name, and represents a light, blue-green hue. It is sought to be of American origin.


Whether you’re going for Channing Tatum vibes or a nod to Stockard Channing, this name is delightful for any gender.

Unisex C-Baby First and Middle Name Combinations

We think the below combos all embrace the right amount of “C” alliteration. Looking for other baby names to complete your C-name? Check out our hippie baby name and rustic baby name lists too.

Casey Cameron

Cairo Cyan

Chris Coty

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