Fairy Garden Ideas For a Magical Backyard

Fairy gardens add magic and whimsy to any outdoor space. Perfect to support your child’s imagination, these fairy garden ideas will bring the joy and peace of a tiny garden right to your little one’s eye level.

fairy garden ideas
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Creating a fairy garden with your child is a wonderful way to connect with them through imagination, play, and a little bit of magic! 

A garden can be a safe sanctuary for kids, just like us adults. Walking your kids through this secret garden meditation script and creating a fairy garden are wonderful ways to encourage your child’s love of nature.

One of the best parts of a woodland themed party is a forest walk to find things the fairies might have left behind. Making a fairy garden together can also be a great hands on project for a party.

Fairy Garden Ideas

To spark fairy garden ideas, check out some books about fairies with your child. If your child already has an interest in them, you can find plenty of great fairy stories. My favorites are Backyard Fairies by Pheobe Wahl and The Complete Book of the Flower Fairies by Cicely Mary Barker.

For an older child (or one who is interested in folklore) learning about the Scottish legends of faeires broadens their understanding of these magical creatures. Keep in mind the fairies in those stories aren’t always benevolent, so use caution with a sensitive child.

A tiny garden made for fairies can start small and grow over time. Adding to it little by little as the story and imagination expand is a really fun way to get outside and create with your kiddo. 

To get started, find a space in your yard or garden. Or, scope out several small spaces. I like to look under trees, or in between plants for flat and shady places that have space but are still natural. 

Fairy Garden Houses

fairy garden house
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You can make a DIY fairy house at home to put in special spots in your yard and garden. This tutorial has a free template and 8 easy steps to make a fairy garden house. It makes a really cute stone house with simple and inexpensive supplies. 

With this template you can easily decorate the fairy house with what you have or what you find outside. The stone house look on this tutorial is cute too!

Here are some recommended supplies to gather for this project:

  • Small pebbles 
  • Sticks
  • Twigs
  • Craft board
  • Cardboard
  • Floral moss
  • Paint
  • Glue 
  • Scissors
  • Tape 
  • Wax paper

If you have an existing tree in your yard or garden, another option is to get a premade tiny fairy door and windows to turn your tree into a whimsical fairy house. This is a great place to begin a fairy garden.

Or, this set of three premade fairy houses make adorable and magical additions to any garden.

Garden Ornaments

fairy garden ornaments

Now that you have a space picked out and a house set up, it’s time to decorate with fairy garden ornaments! These can make great gifts for your child to add to their collection as time goes on.

You can decorate with found items like

  • shells or stones for chairs
  • thread spool for a table
  • oyster shell to hold water for a pool or pond
  • popsicle sticks or twigs for fences
  • tiny stones for pathways
  • small flowers
  • small plants or herbs for trees
  • an upcycled DIY fairy bridge made from found items
  • a toy car tire on a rope for a tire swing

You can also buy premade items. This fairy reading a book would be perfect for an avid reader, or an animal lover would relate to this fairy figurine. Gift this fairy to someone who loves flowers! 

I like to have a few bigger garden ornaments that add to the fairy theme, and easily lead the way to where the fairy gardens are set up in the yard. Try these mushrooms on a path or this cute fairy with a key to unlock the tree door to fairyland!

Fairy Lights

Set the mood with fairy garden lights when the sun goes down. This solar fairy statue would make a pretty entrance to the garden.

Line trees or plants with these flower lights, or add these mushroom log lights to give a magical feel to any fairy garden. 

These solar fairy lights in jars are a super cute way to decorate around your fairy garden. In fact, fairy jars can be made at home if you and your kids like projects.

This is a really easy method to make DIY fairy jars, and they turn out so cute. Here are the basic steps to get started: 

  1. Glue a cut out or die cut fairy to the inside of each jar.
  2. Mix paint and water 2:1, and use a sponge to coat the outside of the jar.
  3. Let it dry and add another coat of paint if desired & let it dry again.
  4. Add a layer of glue and sprinkle it with glitter. 
  5. Place a flameless candle inside the jar.
  6. If desired, decorate the jars with ribbons and flowers!

Fairy Accessories

Now, for my favorite part, it’s time to add accessories to your fairy garden! This is where the creative juices and magic can really get flowing. 

Here are some of my favorite fairy garden accessories:

Other ways to add whimsy and magic to your fairy garden is to make your own upcycled creative planters for a totally nature-inspired look, and plant your own surrounding garden to attract butterflies and wildlife.

Fairy Garden Kits

If you’re short on time or just simply want to kickstart your fairy garden magic in one swoop, consider getting a fairy garden kit. This is a great way to get the basics of what you need to get set up.

I love this fairy garden kit that comes with fairy dust and succulents for a magical beginning.

To pick out anything and everything you want to put together in your own kit, look at Mini Fairy Garden World for an amazing selection of cute fairy garden items!

If you are low on outdoor space, or prefer a balcony or kitchen fairy garden, this kit makes a great creative space for big imaginations in small spaces.

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