Naturepedic Verse Organic Mattress Review

Your child spends a third of their time sleeping. One of the most critical ways to decrease their exposure to chemicals is with a non-toxic sleeping environment. In this Naturepedic Verse review, we’re taking a deep dive into the benefits of this non-toxic mattress and sharing our personal experience.

naturepedic verse mattress review

When it’s time to transition to a big kid bed from co-sleeping or a crib, a new mattress can be a rite of passage for a child.

And what can help ease the transition for Mom and Dad better than knowing their new big kid is in a healthy, safe sleeping environment?

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Why An Organic Mattress is Important for Your Child

The average mattress is coated with chemicals in the form of toxic adhesives, dyes, and chemical flame retardants. Flame retardants (and resulting endocrine disruptors) are major contributors to our overall chemical body burden.

A child’s growing body can respond to these toxins and allergens in a variety of ways, and some kids can have very strong reactions to them. In today’s less than pure world, an organic, chemical-free mattress is imperative to sleep and health alike.

Finding an organic kid-friendly mattress can take a lot of research and trial-and-error (not to mention money and time). Many mattress companies misuse wording and even some certifications within the market – especially the term “organic”.

“Organic” isn’t a legally-recognized term in the mattress industry. There are organic certifications, but because these are private certifications, there’s no oversight.

Luckily, there are companies like Naturepedic. As the most recognized and awarded organic mattress brand in the U.S., Naturepedic offers a line of organic mattresses specifically designed with kids in mind, featuring a comfortable medium-firm support and organic materials throughout.

With GOTS certification, your mind can rest that your entire finished mattress (not just its individual component materials) is certified, completely meeting healthy non-toxic standards.

Our Naturepedic Verse Mattress Review

For a few years, even though they had their own bedrooms, my sons slept in a bunk bed setup. It was a full mattress on the bottom and twin on top. A few years ago, we moved to a home where there rooms aren’t set up to accommodate their large bunk bed as well. So we had to get a new full size mattress and bed.

I knew I wanted a nontoxic mattress for the new bed. We already had the Kiwi mattress from My Green Mattress for the bottom bunk. And aside from it having a bit of a smell for the first few weeks, we loved the comfort and quality of that bed.

Other members of the Green Child team had Naturepedic mattresses back then, but I hadn’t had the opportunity to own one yet. So, I was very excited to see if the brand made by the people I’d met at trade shows for years was as great as it seemed.

Spoiler alert – the answer is yes!

The Naturepedic Verse is one of the most innovative organic mattress on the market, and it has been all the buzz since it launched in 2016. The Verse combines everything you love about Naturepedic’s line of wonderful products PLUS the easiest, most convenient delivery for a mattress.

Top Industry Certifications

Not only are their individual materials certified, but the finished mattress is certified as well. Let me tell you – this is NOT industry standard.

In fact, most mattress companies that claim to offer an organic mattress are using their supplier’s GOTS certificate. And that certification may only apply to one component of the entire mattress. As mentioned above, claims are not regulated. So brands can say whatever they want.

A recent example of this is the Avocado Mattress lawsuit from 2023. They were sued for “fraud, deceit, and/or misrepresentation; violation of the Consumer Legal Remedies Act; false advertising; negligent representation; unfair, unlawful, and deceptive trade practices.”

The plaintiffs accused Avocado of deliberately selling products that are not as natural, organic, or green as advertised. An analysis of Avocado latex foam from an EPA-certified lab found it to contain six known chemicals linked to cancer, birth defects, fertility risks, respiratory irritation, and skin and eye irritation.

They also claimed their mattresses to be biodegradable. But many of the components they use are not readily biodegradable.

However, all Naturepedic products are also tested for chemical emissions and certified according to stringent GREENGUARD® Gold certification standards.

Naturepedic’s mattresses are also MADE SAFE certified. This means they don’t contain cancer-causing or hormone-disrupting chemicals. Mattress materials have been scrutinized by scientists and experts to ensure they do not contain harmful ingredients or dangerous off-gas vapors and that they don’t create byproducts that could negatively impact human health.

Super Easy Delivery and Setup

For those of us who don’t have time to stay home and wait for a delivery and set up, the Verse is compressed and roll-packed for straight-to-home delivery.

Whether your big kid is a toddler or a teen, Naturepedic’s Verse organic mattress will keep them sleeping through the night without exposure to harmful, irritating toxins. The Verse is perfectly safe for little ones, because it has the same child-appropriate firmness.

The Naturepedic Verse mattress is made in the USA with premium encased coils, offering firm support ideal for growing children… along with a more grown up feel. Encased coils help reduce motion transfer, so if your child wiggles or has restless nights, he’ll be able to find a comfortable spot and settle back down without wiggling the whole bed. 

There are even more reasons to make the Naturepedic Verse part of your child’s nighttime routine.

Organic Cotton Fabric and Filling

This is covered in the certification section above. But it’s reassuring to know Naturepedic uses only U.S. grown and certified organic cotton as filling for their mattresses. They buy directly from USDA certified sources.

Naturepedic Verse mattress review for kids

This increases purity, organic reliability and support for U.S. farmers. The surface fabric of the Verse is soft to the touch and easily stretches to conform to your child’s body.

An Excellent Night’s Sleep

I can vouch for the Verse being soft and comfortable. I’ve slept on it a few times when we have a house full of company, and I always notice how cozy it is.

My sons are teens now, and they still love their mattresses. The only thing that would make the Verse better is if there was an extended option to fit their 6’3″ tall bodies!

What makes it so comfortable? The PLA comfort layer adds resiliency to the quilt for increased performance and moisture wicking. Naturepedic’s non-GMO PLA is a made from potatoes. It wicks away moisture, offers a comfortable resiliency, and does not off-gas harmful chemicals. In fact, it is used for food packaging and a number of biomedical applications.

Safer Fire Protection

Conventional mattresses – especially latex options – are made from mostly petroleum-based materials. Yes, petroleum like gasoline can and does make up mattresses. Then these mattresses are sprayed with flame retardant chemicals to help prevent the combustible foam from reacting how petroleum reacts with fire.

The higher flammability of polyurethane foam used in furnishings has been associated with an increase in serious fires as well as fire deaths. Once the fire burns through the flame retardants, those petroleum based latex pieces can catch fire and engulf the mattress in no time. See this video about how cheap materials are much more flammable than traditional materials.

PLUS fire retardants have been linked to dangerous health effects like endocrine disruption, delayed brain development, decreased fertility, immune suppression, altered sexual development, cancer, lower IQ, and behavioral problems in humans.

Thanks to innovative natural design and intelligent mattress construction, all of Naturepedic’s mattresses pass all Federal and State flammability standards without the use of fire retardant chemicals or flame retardant barriers. Superior product design, the use of more natural materials, and the elimination of polyurethane foam are all more reasons to feel safe with the Verse.

Naturepedic’s 10 Year Warranty

Naturepedic backs up every mattress they sell with a 10-year limited warranty. This means you have one less thing to worry about when it comes to safe sleep.

So far we’ve had no trouble with our Verse mattress. And there are no signs we will need to replace it anytime soon.

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