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Host an Eco Friendly Birthday Party

How to Host an Eco-Friendly Birthday Party

Sometimes we make green living more complicated than it should be. The concept is simple – a natural lifestyle should come “naturally,” shouldn’t it? But our culture’s disposable mindset and obsession with consumerism can make it tough to live simply. … Continue reading

Flowerpot Cheese Breads

Flowerpot Cheese Breads

A creative, delicious addition to any Spring or Summer gatherings, Flowerpot Cheese Breads are the perfect way to serve up individual breads. Flowerpot Cheese Breads Recipe Recipe makes 6 breads. You’ll find more garden or fairy party inspiration in Naturally Fun … Continue reading


How to Host A Woodland Themed Party

Summer months are the perfect time to host a woodland themed birthday party. There isn’t a better way to bond children with nature than to give them memories of dancing through the forest where magic is abundant, and not a … Continue reading

Cloth Birthday Banner from Green Planet Parties

Eco Spotlight On: Green Planet Parties

When it comes to birthdays and holidays, sometimes even the greenest parents end up making less than eco-friendly choices. Think of the last child’s party you attended.  The decorations, plastic, paper plates, and heavy duty toy packaging… did it fill … Continue reading

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