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Eco-friendly family fun

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The More You Know Eco: Water Conservation

Editor’s note: My son, Nicholas, wrote this article as part of an assignment for Oak Meadow’s distance learning program.  Our team liked it so much, we published it in our Summer issue.  Water is necessary for human life. Our bodies need … Continue reading

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Top Green Family Travel Ideas

Not sure what to plan for your next family vacation? Here are our top eco-friendly picks: 1. National Parks Between them, the U.S. and Canada boast nearly 100 national parks, offering spectacular landscapes and awesome outdoor experiences for families of … Continue reading


Tread Lightly: Eco Travel with Your Kids

Eco travel? With kids? You bet. For many people the term “ecotourism” brings to mind exotic (and expensive) adventures in far-off places. Many people do enjoy adventure traveling with kids. But if the idea of changing diapers atop a pitching … Continue reading


Yoga Fun for Families

Yoga is one of the few practices one can cultivate and refine over a lifetime. It is possible for an individual to begin their yoga journey in-utero – through their mother’s prenatal practice – and continue their experience as an … Continue reading

The Buy Nothing New Challenge is all about considering and cutting down on your consumption and, at times, the overabundance of “stuff” in our lives.

The Buy Nothing New Challenge

It’s easier than you think to live simply (and save lots of money) for a month! Earth Day gives us a great excuse to do a little self evaluating. What are we doing to really help make the earth a … Continue reading

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