Soothe a variety of burns, bumps, and rashes with this versatile DIY homemade healing salve.

Ask the Herbalist: Homemade Salve

Question:  “How hard is it to make my own salves for my family?” Answer: Making your own salves is an easy, inexpensive and gratifying way to take care of your family. The trickiest part is getting the consistency right but with a couple of practice runs, you’ll get the process down. This is the best…

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5 Ways to Make Your Family’s World a Little Greener

5 Ways to Make Your Family’s World a Little Greener

It seems we can’t make it through a week without learning a new statistic about how polluted we’ve allowed the environment to become or without hearing about the devastation caused by a natural disaster made worse by climate change. With environmental destruction happening on a global scale, it can be challenging to feel like the…

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Water Conservation

The More You Know Eco: Water Conservation

Editor’s note: My son, Nicholas, wrote this article as part of an assignment for Oak Meadow’s distance learning program.  Our team liked it so much, we published it in our Summer issue.  Water is necessary for human life. Our bodies need water to live. We use water to grow our crops and to clean our environment….

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fam trav

Top Green Family Travel Ideas

Not sure what to plan for your next family vacation? Here are our top eco-friendly picks: 1. National Parks Between them, the U.S. and Canada boast nearly 100 national parks, offering spectacular landscapes and awesome outdoor experiences for families of all ages. Many require reservations for camping and lodging, so plan your trip in advance….

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Stretch into the Sun: Celebrating the Summer Solstice

Hot afternoons, wild thunderstorms, and nights filled with fireflies! The summer solstice, or midsummer, is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and learn about the warmest season with our families. At the Peak of the Light The word “solstice” brings together two Latin words: sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still). At the winter and summer…

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Lego Survival Guide

How to Repair an Original Lego Creation Without Your Child Knowing You Broke it

Editor’s note: This article started as a Facebook post. One morning my cousin (who was like a sister to me growing up) updated her status to: “Another chapter in my never written on paper but often thought of parenting guide is ‘How to Quickly and Flawlessly Repair an Intricately Developed Original Lego Creation Without the…

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Tips for getting great images of your child

How to Capture Great Images of Your Child

Have you ever tried to take photos of your kids only to have them come out too blurry, too dark, or otherwise lackluster? Did you spend hours debating outfits and fixing your kid’s crazy cowlick for this?! Wonder how your friend’s children have such great smiles all over your social media feed? While professional photos…

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Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff — or the Baby Book

As with much of motherhood, keeping track of baby’s milestones is one of those tasks that can bring about overwhelming feelings of inadequacy. Even seasoned moms can feel buried under all the things they’re not doing but think they should be. Case in point: The baby book. Every mom I know, still in the glowing…

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5 Steps to Gratitude GCM post - image

5 Steps to Encourage an Attitude of Gratitude in Our Children

My brain knows that gratitude is important.  I know when I am in a state of gratitude–aware of my blessings, small and big, I feel happier and less alone.  I feel more connected to the people around me, and my life experiences. I feel in my body a life force greater than myself. But my…

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Here Comes the Sun: Celebrating the Vernal Equinox

As my family’s first harsh Minnesota winter drew to a close, the old Beatles song “Here Comes the Sun” sang out of our car’s speakers. I had heard the song countless times, of course, and knew all the words. But this time, I found myself deeply touched by it. Relief, joy, and yearning surged inside…

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sibling transition

Small Person, Big Changes: Introducing a new sibling

Adding a new baby to the family is an exciting time for families. Children especially feel that eagerness as they hold their new baby brother or sister for the first time; they finally get to see who has been inside of mom’s growing belly all these months! Their initial enthusiasm may fade, though, as the…

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Raising Eco Conscious Kids

How to Raise a Green Guru

Gone are the days when going green is just for the old individuals in the society because even kids today are turning into this idea. Every day your kids encounter different environmentally related scenario in their life. But regrettably, kids nowadays are more focused on the playful screen-world rather than the real setting. More and…

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Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 11.49.59 AM

The Benefits of Reading to Your Unborn Baby

We all know the benefits children can reap by being exposed to books. Especially when you start early, reading is proven to help with a child’s language development and increased word recognition, create a positive bond between parent and child, provide a great wind-down before bedtime, and spark an early interest in learning that carries…

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Making (and Keeping) Your New Year’s Resolutions

‘Habits are at first cobwebs, then cables.’ ~ Spanish Proverb While we love the optimism of New Year’s Resolutions, unfortunately, the enthusiasm and hope often fades within weeks, and our efforts at self-improvement come to a whimpering end.  New Year’s Resolutions usually fail because of a combination of some of these reasons: We try to…

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Celebrating Winter Solstice

Light amidst Darkness: Celebrating the Winter Solstice

Winter’s cold and darkness can be mild or intense, the drag of a chilly brown landscape or the drama of very early sunsets and deep snowdrifts. For many, winter begins to feel endless after a while. But at winter solstice—although those of us in northern climates still have plenty of cold to weather—the balance has…

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DIY HolidayCrackers

Homemade Holiday Crackers

Family tradition, festive décor, and fun way to wrap small treats or gifts… holiday crackers can be customized to any seasonal celebration. And they’re fun for kids to make! As the name suggests, traditional crackers opened with a bang when pulled apart by each end. Some even contained messages or words of inspiration. The great…

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