How to Furnish with Vintage & Upcycled Finds

How to Furnish Your Home with Vintage & Upcycled Finds

Whether you’re working within a tight family budget or you just want to make your home redecoration a little more eco-friendly, choosing recycled home furnishings rather than brand-new pieces is the smart way to go. At Modernize, we know that these factors are important to homeowners. Upcycled and vintage items can add character to the…

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Green Bronx Machine

Green Bronx Machine: An Interview with Founder Stephen Ritz

“The single biggest prognosticator for a child’s success in life is to have access to one kind, caring adult. And I am going to be that kind, caring adult.” As the school year begins anew for many of us, it’s a perfect time to evaluate the impact that teachers have on our children. Their work…

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Good Sleep

Helping Your Child Get a Good Night’s Sleep

A full day of school can use up a lot of your child’s energy. Add in homework and extracurricular or social activities, and you can see why adequate rest is important to keep those little bodies thriving. While each child is different, these guidelines can help you spot if your child’s sleep schedule is on…

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Lush Green Lawn

How to Keep Your Lawn Safe for Kids and Pets

Parenthood and pet ownership can make formerly simple landscaping decisions a lot more complicated. With pint-sized or furry loved ones depending on you for their care, you may no longer feel comfortable snatching the cheapest fertilizer from your local home and garden center. Do you want to improve the look of your lawn without sacrificing…

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Water Conservation

The More You Know Eco: Water Conservation

Editor’s note: My son, Nicholas, wrote this article as part of an assignment for Oak Meadow’s distance learning program.  Our team liked it so much, we published it in our Summer issue.  Water is necessary for human life. Our bodies need water to live. We use water to grow our crops and to clean our environment….

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A great list of WHY and HOW to swap conventional cleaners for simple, affordable DIY versions.

Safer Spring Cleaning

Every day, many of us spray, wipe, and clean with products that contain impossible-to-pronounce ingredients and impossible-to-identify chemicals. These cleaning products do the job they were designed for, but what about potential health and environmental impacts? Is a smudge-free window worth a wheezing toddler? Does a fresh smelling living room outweigh a potential outbreak of hives?…

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Australian farmland

The Health & Environmental Benefits of Grass-Fed Beef

With Earth Day upon us, households are rethinking their carbon footprint. Most families think of how gas consumption or non-renewable resources affect the environment. But what about grocery store staples like a pound of ground beef?  Let’s take a look at how this simple purchase affects the environment and ultimately what impact it can have on…

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Celebrating Earth Day lends itself to a posture of gratitude. If you do only one thing on Earth Day, go outside!

10 Kid-Friendly Ways to Celebrate Earth Day:

Earth Day is a celebration! This year let’s be mindful to treat it as such,  because celebrations bring families together. Set aside time to do something different. Have fun together. And remember the incredible life lessons Earth Day and living green will teach your children:  Get outside! Take a walk, explore someplace new, or lay down…

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Life Lessons from Earth Day

Earth Day is a celebration! Treat it as one, because celebrations bring families together. Set aside time to do something different. Have fun together. And remember the incredible life lessons that Earth Day and living green will teach your children: Gratitude Celebrating Earth Day lends itself to a posture of gratitude. If you do only…

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What are the health implications of the newly approved genetically modified non-browning apple?

Do We Need A Non-Browning Apple?

Last month it was announced that the USDA approved an apple that doesn’t brown. Is this simply a hybrid version of our children’s favorite fruit? What’s the big deal about an apple that doesn’t brown? We asked Suzanne from Mommy Footprint to break down the concerns activists and parents have about this genetically modified fruit….

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Here Comes the Sun: Celebrating the Vernal Equinox

As my family’s first harsh Minnesota winter drew to a close, the old Beatles song “Here Comes the Sun” sang out of our car’s speakers. I had heard the song countless times, of course, and knew all the words. But this time, I found myself deeply touched by it. Relief, joy, and yearning surged inside…

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Raising Eco Conscious Kids

How to Raise a Green Guru

Gone are the days when going green is just for the old individuals in the society because even kids today are turning into this idea. Every day your kids encounter different environmentally related scenario in their life. But regrettably, kids nowadays are more focused on the playful screen-world rather than the real setting. More and…

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Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 11.49.59 AM

The Benefits of Reading to Your Unborn Baby

We all know the benefits children can reap by being exposed to books. Especially when you start early, reading is proven to help with a child’s language development and increased word recognition, create a positive bond between parent and child, provide a great wind-down before bedtime, and spark an early interest in learning that carries…

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A Little Free Library Can Make a Big Difference

Maybe you’re homesteading on a super rural road and don’t have ready access to a public library. Perhaps you and your neighbors are avid readers without the time to hit up the library regularly. Or, maybe you just want to connect with your community and share your love of good books. Then, the Little Free…

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Take a volunteer vacation and get a chance to soak up the local flavors and culture, while making it a meaningful trip!

Travel for Good — Volunteer Vacations

As their children get older, many conscious families look to Ecotourism for their annual family vacation.  Essentially it is responsible travel, replacing indulgent vacations that are either no longer affordable… or just don’t feel right to green-minded travelers. The Travel Industry Associations of America says nearly 56 million Americans have taken some form of volunteer…

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Blueberry Picking

DIY Nature Camp: A Summer Boredom-Buster

When I created the At-Home Summer Nature Camp – an 8-week guide to DIY summer fun – my hope was to help families foster a connection to the natural world, encourage togetherness, initiate learning through play, and support a commitment to simplicity. So I was delighted when hundreds of families from all over the world…

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Vintage & Thrift Gift Shopping

Vintage and Thrift Store Shopping for Gifts

Did you know National Thrift Store Day (August 17th) is a holiday?  If you like a good treasure hunt, get ready for this out-of-the-box green gift giving idea. Shopping vintage stores and thrift shops is one of the greenest ways to buy something special for those you love.   Think about it – buying used…

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