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Eco-friendly family fun

Little girl running on meadow with sunset

Free-Range Summers

Chickens aren’t the only ones who deserve to roam in the grass and breathe in the fresh air. Kids are naturals when it comes to free play, but it’s always helpful to have a few ideas up your sleeve to … Continue reading

Blueberry Picking

DIY Nature Camp: A Summer Boredom-Buster

When I created the At-Home Summer Nature Camp – an 8-week guide to DIY summer fun – my hope was to help families foster a connection to the natural world, encourage togetherness, initiate learning through play, and support a commitment … Continue reading

DIY Miracle Stain Remover

Miracle Stain Remover Recipe

I never cared about stain removal until what my husband and I call the Season of White Baseball Pants. At first, I was going to be the mom who didn’t care if the pants weren’t perfectly clean.  After all – … Continue reading

Say goodbye to green guilt

Say Goodbye to Green Guilt

There’s a fine line between encouraging others to go green and coming off as a preachy, environmental nut job.  ”Live and let live,” is the motto we try (and sometimes try really hard) to follow. No one ever criticized a smoker … Continue reading

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