Soothe a variety of burns, bumps, and rashes with this versatile DIY homemade healing salve.

Ask the Herbalist: Homemade Salve

Question:  “How hard is it to make my own salves for my family?” Answer: Making your own salves is an easy, inexpensive and gratifying way to take care of your family. The trickiest part is getting the consistency right but with a couple of practice runs, you’ll get the process down. This is the best…

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Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff — or the Baby Book

As with much of motherhood, keeping track of baby’s milestones is one of those tasks that can bring about overwhelming feelings of inadequacy. Even seasoned moms can feel buried under all the things they’re not doing but think they should be. Case in point: The baby book. Every mom I know, still in the glowing…

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Here Comes the Sun: Celebrating the Vernal Equinox

As my family’s first harsh Minnesota winter drew to a close, the old Beatles song “Here Comes the Sun” sang out of our car’s speakers. I had heard the song countless times, of course, and knew all the words. But this time, I found myself deeply touched by it. Relief, joy, and yearning surged inside…

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Celebrating Winter Solstice

Light amidst Darkness: Celebrating the Winter Solstice

Winter’s cold and darkness can be mild or intense, the drag of a chilly brown landscape or the drama of very early sunsets and deep snowdrifts. For many, winter begins to feel endless after a while. But at winter solstice—although those of us in northern climates still have plenty of cold to weather—the balance has…

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DIY HolidayCrackers

Homemade Holiday Crackers

Family tradition, festive décor, and fun way to wrap small treats or gifts… holiday crackers can be customized to any seasonal celebration. And they’re fun for kids to make! As the name suggests, traditional crackers opened with a bang when pulled apart by each end. Some even contained messages or words of inspiration. The great…

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How to organize your gift bags (paper or fabric), wrapping paper, and other items that might be handy to embellish a gift.

DIY Gift Wrapping Station

The simplest way to wrap your gifts in an eco-friendly way is to use what you have. Using what you have means if you still have paper gift bags left over from last year, by all means, use them!  Don’t think of paper as your enemy – it’s really one of the best options for wrapping bigger gifts. …

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Creative Fun with Kids - DIY Magical Fairy Bridge

DIY Magical Fairy Bridge

Embrace your child’s wonder of the magical world of fairies by building the perfect size landscape for their imaginary friends. This bridge is made using found items from the recycling bin. While parents will need to help the kiddos with some of the cutting and gluing, children will have a blast decorating the bridge, adding…

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A Little Free Library Can Make a Big Difference

Maybe you’re homesteading on a super rural road and don’t have ready access to a public library. Perhaps you and your neighbors are avid readers without the time to hit up the library regularly. Or, maybe you just want to connect with your community and share your love of good books. Then, the Little Free…

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Upcycled Desk Craft

ReUse Craft: Create a Colorful Desk Organizer

Whether you’ll be gearing up to send your children off to school or dusting off the shelves of your home classroom, the season of school prep is here. This fun project uses a handful of household leftovers and is endlessly customizable. Materials: An empty box (we used an old shipping box) Toilet Paper Tubes Glue…

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Eco Spotlight On: Beautiful Earth - a company that sees the importance of supporting a global economy by considering their customers, clients, and employees beyond their bottom line.

DIY Baby Wipes Solution {& wipes!} using Beautiful Earth Natural Products!

Cheaper, safer for your baby, and a lot less waste. The reasons for making your own baby wipes are pretty convincing! We’re delighted to share a recipe with ingredients from a trusted personal care brand. Beautiful Earth has been in the business of gentle, environmentally friendly wash products since 2008. Their products are certified natural…

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Creating a Family Command Center

Taking Charge of the Chaos: Creating a Family Command Center

Running a household can be messy, especially when it comes to schedules, mail, meals and paper clutter. Back to school means even more paper, more activities and less time to deal with it all. That’s why creating a family command center can simplify the chaos. Here are four simple steps to creating a command center…

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Easy Upcycled Planters

Easy Upcycled Planters

Gardening in small spaces is a great way to bring fresh ingredients into your diet. Try these easy upcycled planters (perfect for herb garden!) to get you started. Planter Materials: Empty Cartons Scissors Soil Seeds or plants Planter Instructions: Have one or many, these easy planters are cute, functional and perfectly sized for herbs or…

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DIY Baby Wipes

Make Your Own Baby Wipes – Cloth or Disposable

Hypothetical question: Have you ever gone to the bathroom at a friend’s house and found yourself staring at an empty toilet paper roll? Maybe you look under the sink and above the toilet, but in all the usual places there’s no spare roll in sight, and you start to panic a bit, thinking “Oh my…

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Blueberry Picking

DIY Nature Camp: A Summer Boredom-Buster

When I created the At-Home Summer Nature Camp – an 8-week guide to DIY summer fun – my hope was to help families foster a connection to the natural world, encourage togetherness, initiate learning through play, and support a commitment to simplicity. So I was delighted when hundreds of families from all over the world…

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DIY First Aid Ointment

Homemade First-Aid Ointment

Bumps, bruises, minor burns, scrapes and scratches. They are a part of life, and for many of us a particular name brand “triple anti-biotic ointment” has been burned into our brain as the ointment to use, except as we now know it’s base is a petroleum byproduct and that doesn’t jibe with healing. If you’re…

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